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Little Women.

she won't be willing to have us frolic together as we do now."

" Won't she? " asked Laurie, anxiously.

" No, she can't bear fashionable young men, and she'd shut us all up in bandboxes rather than have us associate with them."

" Well, she needn't get out her bandboxes yet ; I'm not a fashionable party, and don't mean to be ; but I do like harmless larks now and then, don't you?"

" Yes, nobody minds them, so lark away, but don't get wild, will you ? or there will be an end of all our good times."

" I'll be a double distilled saint."

" I can't bear saints ; just be a simple, honest, re- spectable boy, and we'll never desert you. I don't know what I should do if you acted like Mr. King's son ; he had plenty of money, but didn't know how to spend it, and got tipsy, and gambled, and ran away, and forged his father's name, I believe, and was alto- gether horrid."

"'You think I'm likely to do the same? Much obliged."

"No I don't — oh, dear^ no! — but I hear people talking about money being such a temptation, and I sometimes wish you were poor ; I shouldn't worry then."

" Do you worry about me, Jo ? "

" A little, when you look moody or discontented, as you sometimes do, for you've got such a strong will if you once get started wrong, I'm afraid it would be hard to stop you."

Laurie walked In silence a few minutes, and Jo