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Little Women.

give and bequeethe all my earthly property — viz. to wit : — namely

" To my father, my best pictures, sketches, maps, and works of art, including frames. Also my $100, to do what he likes with.

" To my mother, all my clothes, except the blue apron with pockets, — also my likeness, and my medal, with much love.

"To my dear sister Margaret, I give my turkquoise ring (if I get it), also my green box with the doves on it, also my piece of real lace for her neck, and my sketch of her as a memorial of her ' little girl.'

" To Jo I leave my breast-pin, the one mended with sealing wax, also my bronze inkstand — she lost the cover, — and my most precious plaster rabbit, be- cause I am sorry I burnt up her story.

" To Beth (if she lives after me) I give my dolls and the little bureau, my fan, my linen collars and my new slippers if she can wear them being thin when she gets well. And I herewith also leave her my regret that I ever made fun of old Joanna.

" To my friend and neighbor Theodore Laurence I bequeethe my paper marshay portfolio, my clay model of a horse though he did say it hadn't any neck. Also in return for his great kindness in the hour of affliction any one of my artistic works he likes, Noter Dame is the best.

" To our venerable benefactor Mr. Laurence I leave my purple box with a looking glass in the cover which will be nice for his pens and remind him of the de- parted girl who thanks him for his favors to her family, specially Beth.