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Little Women.

proceeded to call up the spirit who would bring the love philter:—

"Hither, hither, from the home.
 Airy sprite, I bid thee come!
 Born of roses, fed on dew.
 Charms and potions canst thou brew?
 Bring me here, with elfin speed,
 The fragrant philter which I need;
 Make it sweet, and swift and strong;
 Spirit, answer now my song!"

A soft strain of music sounded, and then at the back of the cave appeared a little figure in cloudy white, with glittering wings, golden hair, and a garland of roses on its head. Waving a wand, it sung:—

  "Hither I come,
   From my airy home.
Afar in the silver moon;
   Take the magic spell.
   Oh, use it well!
Or its power will vanish soon!"

and dropping a small gilded bottle at the witch's feet, the spirit vanished. Another chant from Hagar produced another apparition,—not a lovely one, for, with a bang, an ugly, black imp appeared, and having croaked a reply, tossed a dark bottle at Hugo, and disappeared with a mocking laugh. Having warbled his thanks, and put the potions in his boots, Hugo departed; and Hagar informed the audience that, as he had killed a few of her friends in times past, she has cursed him, and intends to thwart his