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Harper & Brothers

47, 48, 49. Historical and Descriptive Account of British India. From the most Remote Period to the Present Time. Including a Narrative of the Early Portuguese and English Voyages, the Revolutions in the Mogul Empire, and the Origin, Progress, and Establishment of the British Power; with Illustrations of the Botany, Zoology, Climate, Geology, and Mineralogy. By Hugh Murray, Esq., James Wilson, Esq., R. K. Greville, LL.D., Whitelaw Ainsliie, M.D., William Rhind, Esq., Professor Jameson, Professor Wallace, and Captain Clarence Dalrymple.

50. Letters on Natural Magic. Addressed to Sir Walter Scott. By Dr. Brewster. With Engravings.

51, 52. History of Ireland. From the Anglo-Norman Invasion till the Union of the Country with Great Britain. By W. C. Taylor, Esq. With Additions, by William Sampson, Esq. With Engravings.

53. Historical View of the Progress of Discovery on the Northern Coasts of North America. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. By P. F. Tytler, Esq. With Descriptive Sketches of the Natural History of the North American Regions. By Professor Wilson. With a Map, &c.

54. The Travels and Researches of Alexander Von Humboldt; being a condensed Narrative of his Journeys in the Equinoctial Regions of America, and in Asiatic Russia: together with Analyses of his more important Investigations, By W. Macgillivray, A.M. With Engravings.

55, 56. Letters of Euler on Different Subjects of Natural Philosophy. Addressed to a German Princess. Translated by Hunter. With Notes and a Life of Euler, by Sir David Brewster; with Additional Notes, by John Griscom, LL.D. With a Glossary of Scientific Terms. With Engravings.

57. A Popular Guide to the Observation of Nature; or, Hints of Inducement to the Study of Natural Productions and Appearances, in their Connexions and Relations. By Robert Mudie, Esq. With Engravings.

58. The Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. By John Abercrombie, M.D., F,R.S. With Questions.