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ones—young subjects can be remoulded and taught. You can inspire them with confidence, and make them zealous fellow-workers with you in their own improvement. Those who have come to years of maturity, especially foreigners, have minds so stinted, and such inveterate bad habits, that it is very difficult to make them comfortable members of a little family community, regulated upon principles of reciprocal affection and confidence."

"But, dear Sara, what a task must all this teaching be!"

"And what a harvest, Anne! Depend upon it, my dear friend, there is no happiness like that of energetically employing our faculties to achieve some good end?"

"Yes, you are very right; but then the object must be worth the exertion. Now, to confess the truth to you—do not be offended, Sara—I do not mean to apply it to you—you are so superior to most women, that it is different with you—but in general, I mean, it does appear to me very vulgar for ladies to—to—to work—sweep a room, for instance—roast a turkey! horrible!"

"There will seldom be occasion for a lady to perform drudgery herself who thoroughly understands it, for this very knowledge will enable her to direct the services of others. But I would have every girl practice enough to be able to help herself in the emergencies that are constantly occurring, and to teach the ignorant, whose ignorance, mark, if she cannot enlighten, she must endure. A woman may employ a vast deal of talent in the administration of her family affairs. I think it was Paulus Emilius who said it required as much ge-