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I. The Descent 1

II. Johnny Upright 16

III. My Lodging and Some Others 23

IV. A Man and the Abyss 30

V. Those on the Edge 43

VI. Frying-pan Alley and a Glimpse of Inferno 54

VII. A Winner of the Victoria Cross 65

VIII. The Carter and the Carpenter 74

IX. The Spike 91

X. Carrying the Banner 113

XI. The Peg 121

XII. Coronation Day 138

XIII. Dan Cullen, Docker 158

XIV. Hops and Hoppers 167

XV. The Sea Wife 180

XVI. Property versus Person 186

XVII. Inefficiency 192

XVIII. Wages 202

XIX. The Ghetto 210

XX. Coffee-houses and Doss-houses 232

XXI. The Precariousness of Life 250

XXII. Suicide 263