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A Hard Luck Story


Author of "The Documents in Evidence"

Abounds in the most racy and picturesque slang—N. Y. Recorder.

"Checkers" is an interesting and entertaining chap, a distinct type, with a separate tongue and a way of saying things that is oddly humorous.—Chicago Record.

If I had to ride from New York to Chicago on a slow train, I should like a half-dozen books as gladsome as "Checkers" and I could laugh at the trip.—N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.

"Checkers" himself is as distinct a creation as Chimmie Fadden and his racy slang expresses a livelier wit. The racing part is clever reporting and as horsey and "up-to-date" as any one could ask. The slang of the race-course is caught with skill and is vivid and picturesque, and students of the byways of language may find some new gems of colloquial speach to add to their lexicons.—Springfield Republican.

A new popular edition just issued, in attractive cloth binding, small 12mo in size. Price, 75 cents, postpaid.

52 Duane Street, :: :: :: NEW YORK