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Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Rendered into English verse by Edward Fitzgerald. A correct version of the text of the Fourth Edition, with accurate notes, a biography of both Omar and Fitzgerald, and a Poetical Tribute by Andrew Lang, together with a remarkable descriptive and comparative article by Edward S. Holden. Beautifully printed in two colors on deckel edge paper, with decorative borders, fourteen half-tone illustrations by Gilbert James, and a portrait of Fitzgerald. Gilt tops, attractively bound in cloth and gold and each volume encased in a flat box with cover. Size, 5+14 x 75+58. Price, $1.25.

THE SAME, small 12mo in size, handsomely bound in cloth and printed on the finest deckle edge paper, with the fifteen illustrations in two colors, and containing the same matter as the foregoing volume. Price, 50c.

THE SAME, small 12mo in size, exquisitely bound in Red English Roan, with gilt tops. Each volume in a box. Price, $1.00.

THE SAME, in booklet form, 24 pages, printed in two colors, the complete text of the fourth edition. Price, 15c.


Two volumes in one, with glossary. Fourteen full-page pen-and-ink drawings together with a new portrait of the author. Handsomely bound in cloth, gilt tops, and printed on old Chester antique deckel edge paper. Size, 5+14x7+58 in., 340 pages. Price, $1.50.

All books sent portpaid on receipt of price.

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