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graphs could be taken. In the report issued regarding the results the following figures, which are the average of the measurements made from the seven plates, are given for the displacements of seven stars:

1".02, 0".92, 0".84, 0".58, 0".54, 0".36, 0".24, whereas, according to the theory, the displacements should have amounted to: 0".88, 0".80, 0".75, 0".40, 0".52, 0".33, 0".20.

If we consider that, according to the theory the displacements must be in inverse ratio to the distance from the centre of the sun, then we may deduce from each observed displacement how great the sideways movement for a star at the edge of the sun should have been. As the most probable result, therefore, the number 1".98 was found from all