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store-chambers for a little moment, until my anger and wrath be overpast: and I will remember the good day and will raise you up out of your coffins.'"

Here the, first clause is found in Isa. xxvi. 20, and the last, perhaps, in Ezek. xxxvii. 12, but there is not exact agreement with either.

In xvii. 5 the words, "But I am the vapour from a pot," are attributed to Moses. Dr. Rendel Harris has pointed out that the real source is 1 Chron. xxix. 15.

xxvi. 2: "He saith in a certain place, 'And Thou shalt raise me up and I will give thanks unto Thee,' and 'I laid me down and slept and rose up, for Thou art with me.'"

The first quotation is not exactly to be found in the Psalms, but the second is combined from Ps. iii. (iv.) 6 and xxiii. 4; I imagine Clement is quoting inexactly from memory. He would be less likely to verify quotations from the Psalms than from any other book.

xlvi. 2: "For it is written: Cleave unto the holy, for they that cleave to them shall be made holy." Ps. xviii. 26 follows.

"Cleaving to the holy" is a phrase twice used by Hermas, and Clement of Alexandria quotes Ps. xviii. 26 and then our passage, probably using the Epistle, which he knew well. The words, "for if thou cleave to the holy thou shalt become holy," are also in an early tract of canons to which Hilgenfeld gave the name of the Two Ways, or Judgment of Peter.

In "2 Clement" xiii. 3 is a passage not marked as a quotation, but reading like one: "But ye know that already the day of judgment cometh burning like a furnace, and certain of the heavens shall melt, and all the earth, melting like lead upon the fire; and then shall the secret and the manifest works of men appear." The Apocalypse of Peter is a likely source here; there is a distinct resemblance to 2 Peter iii. 10.

Barnabas vi. 13: "The Lord says: 'Behold, I make the latter things as the first.'" To this end, therefore, the prophet proclaimed: "Enter ye into a land flowing with milk and honey, and have dominion over it."