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442 LOUISE DE LA VALLIERB. "Nevertheless, Monsieur de Baisemeaux, what has passed wears very much the air of resistance." "Oh, no, monseigneur, no; I only wished to be certain.'* "To be certain of what?" said Aramis, in a tone of supreme contempt. "Of nothing at all, monseigneur." Baisemeaux lowered his voice, and bending before the prelate, said: "I am at all times and in all places at the disposal of my masters, but " "Very good. I like you better thus, monsieur," said Aramis, as he resumed his seat, and put out his glass to Baisemeaux, whose hand trembled so that he could not fill it. "You were saying 'but' — " continued Aramis. "But," replied the unhappy man, "having no notice, I was far from expecting." "Does not the Gospel say, *Watch, for the moment is known only of God?' Do not the rules of the order say, 'Watch, for that which I will, you ought always to will also? And in what pretext is it that you did not expect ^he con- fessor. Monsieur de Baisemeaux?" "Because, monseigneur, there is at present in the Bastile no prisoner ill." Aramis shrugged his shoulders. "What do you know about that?" said he. "But, nevertheless, it appears to me " "Monsieur de Baisemeaux," said Aramis, turning round in his chair, "here is your servant, who wishes to speak with you;" and at this moment De Baisemeaux's servant appeared at the threshold of the door. "What is it?" asked Baisemeaux sharply. "Monsieur," said the man, "they are bringing you the doctor's return." Aramis looked at De Baisemeaux with a calm and confi- dent eye. "Well," said he, "let the messenger enter." The messenger entered, saluted, and handed in the re- port. Baisemeaux ran his eye over it, and raising his head said, in surprise. "No. 12 is ill." "How was it, then," said Aramis carelessly, "that you told me everybody was well in your hotel. Monsieur de Baisemeaux?" And he emptied his glass without removing his eyes from Baisemeaux.