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than by acting, as I know you would wish me to do, whether Absent or Present. I am my dear Emmas sincere freind

E. L.



Grosvenor Street, April 10th

NEED I say my dear Eloisa how wellcome your letter was to me? I cannot give a greater proof of the pleasure I received from it, or the Desire I feel that our Correspondence may be regular and frequent than by setting you so good an example as I now do in answering it before the end of the week—. But do not imagine that I claim any merit in being so punctual; on the contrary I assure you, that it is a far greater Gratification to me to write to you, than to spend the Evening either at a Concert or a Ball. Mr. Marlowe is so desirous of my appearing at some of the Public places every evening that I do not like to refuse him, but at the same time so much wish to remain at Home, that independant of the Pleasure I experience in devoting any portion of my Time to my Dear Eloisa, yet the Liberty I