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Message Mamma!" said I— "Go Maria—" replied she— Accordingly I went and was obliged to stand there at her Ladyships pleasure though the Wind that was extremely high and very cold.

"Why I think Miss Maria you are not quite so smart as you were last night— But I did not come to examine your dress, but to tell you that you may dine with us the day after tomorrow— Not tomorrow, remember, do not come tomorrow for we expect Lord and Lady Clermont and Sir Thomas Stanley's family— There will be no occasion for your being very fine for I shant send the Carriage— If it rains you may take an umbrella—" I could hardly help laughing at hearing her give me leave to keep myself dry— "And pray remember to be in time, for I shant wait—I hate my Victuals over-done— But you need not come before the time— How does your Mother do? She is at dinner is not she?" "Yes Ma'am we were in the middle of dinner when your Ladyship came." "I am afraid you find it very cold Maria." said Ellen. "Yes, it is an horrible East wind—said her Mother— I assure you I can hardly bear the window down— But you are used to be blown about by the wind Miss Maria and that is what has made your Complexion so rudely and coarse. You young Ladies who cannot often ride in a Carriage never mind what weather you trudge in, or how the wind shews