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Saturday night's train, but on the morning of that day a telegram was received that Mr. Doke had passed away at 7 O'clock the previous evening. Owing to the great distance, the remains were not conveyed to Johannesburg, but the funeral took place at Utmali at 4 O'clock on 17th August 1913, a service being held at the Baptist Church, Johannesburg at the same time.

Beside the widow, the deceased had left three sons: Willy, Clement, and Comber and one daughter Cline. Rev. J. H. Batts conducted the memorial service in the Baptist Church of which Mr. Doke was the Pastor. The Church was crowded. Indian representatives were invited to the service also. Mr. Gandhi, who had specially arrived from Phœnix to attend the memorial services, testified to Mr. Doke's great work on behalf of the Indian Community.

Mr. Gandhi said that the Indian Community revered Mr. Doke's memory for the great work done by him for them. He was one of its truest friends. It could not be said of every man that death had no sting. But it could undoubtedly be said of Mr. Doke. A death like Mr. Doke's really called for no mourning. Mr. Doke's was a life of