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Then a beautiful and brave thing happened, which throws some glory over this wretched scene. Mrs. Alexander, the wife of the Superintendent of Police, recognised him, and opening her sunshade to keep off the flying missils, courageously went to his assistance, and when he attempted to go forward, she walked at his side. It was the instinct and act of a noble nature, and probably saved the victim from severe injury. Meanwhile, an Indian boy had run for the police, shouting that the crowd was killing Mr. Gandhi, and at the critical moment some constables appeared. The Superintendent offered an asylum in the police-station to Mr. Gandhi, but the latter was anxious about his wife, and preferred to go on to Mr. Rustomjee's. This he effected without further trouble.

When night fell, as the crowd became very large and threatening, shouting before the house and demanding Mr. Gandhi's surrender, Superintendent Alexander sent in to say, that if Mr. Gandhi did not wish to see his friend's house burnt down, and desired to save his family, he had better follow the directions which were given, and steal through the crowds disguised. This was done and Mr. Gandhi, dressed as an Indian constable, with a metal