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blamed or interfered with. So far as we know, he has always done so, and his latest pamphlet, we cannot honestly say, is an unfair statement of the case from his point of view. Reuter's cable is a gross exaggeration of Mr. Gandhi's statement. He enumerates only a number of grievances, but these by no means justify anyone in stating that his pamphlet declares that the Indians in Natal are robbed and assaulted and treated like beasts, and are unable to obtain redress."

But, apparently, there were two other false factors in the irritation of Natal. It was rumoured that Mr. Gandhi was instigating the passengers on the two ships to sue the Government for placing them in quarantine, and also that "he had organised an independent immigration agency in India to land his countrymen in Natal at the rate of one to two thousand per month," these passengers, supposed to amount to eight hundred, being the first instalment. This kind of charge has pursued its victim for years—a desire to flood South Africa with Indian immigrants. The whole accusation was shamelessly fatse. Mr. Gandhi never attempted to "get up" a case against the Natal Government, and the fact of his being in company with these passengers, really