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Miscellaneous Tricks

the cone, which is then removed by the apex and the thimble discovered.

While all attention is drawn to the table the duplicate thimble is dropped into the profonde.

The Mysterious Tambourine.—It is generally understood that, should the silk hat go out of fashion, conjurers would be at a loss for a suitable article wherewith to work the numerous "production" tricks. Should such a calamity ever befall the profession the mysterious tambourine will, to some extent, come to the rescue.

The apparatus consists of two nickel-plated
Fig. 39.—Tambourine Trick
brass rings, eight inches in diameter and one inch deep; the one fitting easily over the other. (See Fig. 39.) The tambourine is constructed by placing a sheet of paper between the two rings, and pressing the upper one down over the lower, the edges of the paper being afterward trimmed round with scissors. Thus prepared it is shown back and front.