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MARCH 1916
high, pleasing note, but also increases the radiation.
Yours very respectfully,    

 Mr. R. M. McLain of Huntsville, Alabama, writes in part:

 As I was passing through the lonely hills of North Alabama, several days ago, I noticed a young lady of about seventeen years standing on a barrel at the foot, of an aerial mast, repairing the aerial. I asked her what the trouble was and she
 I glanced about the yard and saw several mules and cows, a yard full of chickens, an old-fashioned spinning wheel, in perfect shape, and with thread on it. It looked as if the young lady could operate anything from an old spinning wheel to a modern wireless telegraph.

 Mr. W. B. Pope, Athens, Georgia, writes:

 I use a Packard one—quarter kilowatt transmitting set (transformer), balance of set of my own construction. I am in constant communication with Macon, Georgia,

A Well Equipped Radio Station in York PA.png

  These two illustrations show a LEAGUE Station owned by Mr. H. G. Miller of York, Pa. The aerial poles are 60 feet high, and 85 feet apart. The station itself is at the foot of the pole in the fore ground, and the house is devoted entirely to wireless. For transmitting, a three quarter kilowatt set is used. The condenser is of the glass plate type in oil. Everything throughout the station has a neat business-like appearance.

explained that the wind blew down the mast every time she put it up. She had repaired it three times, in two weeks.

 “Do you catch anything?” I asked.

 “Oh, yes,” she replied, “I used to, but do not now. Do you know anything about fixing a detector?”

 I examined the neat little set and found it O. K. I asked her if she liked the work.

 “Oh, yes, I am crazy about it; I listen all the time.”
a distance of 100 miles from here. I have just received a letter from Mr. Charles W. Weber, Abington. Pennsylvania (about 10 miles north of Philadelphia) stating that he has been hearing me as loudly as he has been hearing a one kilowatt set located Within 200 miles of him.  In addition to a Packard one-quarter kilowatt transformer, I use three sections of Murdock moulded condenser, a high-speed rotary gap, giving almost 1,000 in-