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MARCH 1916

Latest List of Additions to American Radio Relay League Stations

 Alameda R. S. Farrell 2328 Pacific Ave. 6TR
 Berkeley Wallace H. Leland 917 Indian Rock Ave. 6WL
 Capitola Theodore Stowe 41st Ave. 6CJ
 East Oakland W. L. Gibson 2324 Dennison St. 6US
 Fullerton Lee R. Potter 424 Cor. Map1e & Spadra Aves. 6CR
 Ione R. A. Miller 6RJ
 San Francisco John Stauffer, Jr. 601 Broderick St. 6JR
 San Jose Paul U. Clark 898 South 8th St. 6AU
 San Jose Roy A. Wilkins 532 North 17th St. GPS
 Kensington A. H. Edgerly, Jr. 1DT
 New London Perry Stone 15 West St. 1AES
 Stamford Stuart Sandreuter Palmers Hill 1DX
 Tariffville Kenneth Dewey 1DM
 Ankona Raymond A. Saeger 4BV
 Miami Wm. A. Marsh R. F. D. No. 1. 4AQ
 Colege Park Francis Merriam 4CL
 Decatur George A. Howald 4CO
 Buquoin C. J. Zimmerman 117 South Division 9FY
 Champaign Sherman S. Garrett 504 W. Washington St. 9WO
 Chicago Raymond W. Eling 6637 Greenwood Ave. 9OR
 Chicago Lane Radio Asso. Cor. Sedgwick & Division St. 9NL
 Cannelton John R. Irvin 4th & Taylor Sts. 9DA
 Fort Wayne George W. Carter High School 9PC
 Fort Wayne L. C. Young High School 9PC
 Indianapolis Harold Barton 20 West 26th St. 9AAR
 Osceola Leland Miller R. R. 1 Box 18 9VJ
 Des Moines Ralph Knouf 1344 21st St. 9LU
 Dubuque George Wright Bonson 287 East St. 9TM
 Dubuque Joseph D. Brennan 501 Alpine St. 9SA
 Iowa City Prof. A. H. Ford St. University of Iowa 9YA
 Lamoni Arthur B. Church 9WU
 Sioux City Darrel Cyr 109 W. Ind. St. 9TO