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MARCH, 1916
Exchange For Sale and Wanted
“Second Hand Apparatus”

In order to facilitate the exchange and sale of second hand apparatus
“QST” will print, free of charge, want and for sale ads. up to a
reasonable number of words. The publishers reserve
the right to withhold any ad. which is against
the policy of this department


FOR SALE OR TRADE—Sending and receiving set including Brandes 2000 ohm “Superior” head set, also Blitzen high frequency coio. Wanted: ¼ K. W. transformer, mounted or unmounted. P. E. Nelson, Ft. Smith, Ark.

FOR SALE—An R-J4 Audion, good as new, but with bulb burnt out. First good offer takes it. Other materials also for sale. Harold Burhop, 1945 N. 7th St., Sheboygan, Wis.

FOR SALE—Wireless set consisting of loose coupler set, with detector and condenser on base; 1 pr. Murdock phones; 1 Mesco key, value $2.00; ½″ spark coil, wire and switches, Price $10.00, or will exchange for a wheel. Frank Cummings, 2132 Washington Ave., Bronx, N. Y.

FOR EXCHANGE—One Colby receiving transformer, $5.50; one 1″ spark coil; and one electrolytic interrupter. Wanted: Murdock or Blitzen variable. Geo. M. Hearne, Carthage, Ill.

FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE—Wireless receiving and transmitting outfit in whole or in part. This set has produced excellent results but the owner can no longer use it on account of studies. Francis B. Southwick, 176 Waban Ave., Waban, Mass.

FOR EXCHANGE—110, V. D. C. motor for 110 or 220 V. A. C. motor or anything of equal value. Motor is in practically new condition, and is suitable for rotary gap. A. Saenz, 146 West 65th St., New York.

FOR EXCHANGE—One Dundoplex key (similar to Vibroplex), nickel plated, value $15.00, for pair of 3000 ohm phones and high-speed motor, an Audion detector, or other wireless goods. F. S. Morrison, 1376 So. Lincoln St., Denver, Col.

FOR SALE—One pair Brandes 3200 ohm Navy Type Head-set, just received from factory where both were magnetized and one receiver re-wound. The phones are in perfect condition. Price $10.00. Robert W. Orrell, 87 Frederick Ave., Detroit, Mich.

FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE—Pair of E. I. Co.′s 2000 ohm receivers for a good variable, 43 plate type; 60 ft; of copper ribbon, ¾″ x 1-64″, valued at 4c. a foot; 9 glass plates, 18″ x 18″ x 3-32″, with foil; brass switch points, lacquered, ¼″x¼″ with 8-32 thread, fine for rotary gaps. Frederick Gamble, 2412 Putnam St., Toledo, Ohio.

EXCHANGE FOR SENDING APPARATUS—A complete receiving set, with exception of phones. Does 1300 miles. Also oscillation transformer and variable sending condenser. Arthur Mekeel, Box 523, Highland, N. Y.

WANTED—A pair of good phones and a rotary variable condenser. Have a Browne No. 2 camera and daylight developing tank for same; also other apparatus. R. L. Pentland, 5225 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, Ill.

FOR SALE—One pr. 2000 ohm amateur head-set (E. I. Co.); ½ K. W. transformer coil; one spark gap (both E. I. Co.); one condenser, suitable for above coil; one loose coupler (800 meter) for Audion, cash, or something suitable. Debert Westover, Marysville, Wash.

FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE—Six Murdock sections; two Ferron detectors; one key; Blitzen variable condenser parts; Perikon detector, three K. W. fixed gap; other material and parts. Roy C. Burr, 68 East Elm St., Norwalk, Ohio.

WANTED—Audion detector No. R. J. 4. Must be reasonable. Harold I. Sticher, 15 Bedford Ave., Monticello, N. Y.