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"What do you say about what we have just seen?" said the princess to Bathilda as soon as they were on their way.

"I am very much moved. If I had not attached myself to you for life, I would have stayed."

"And if it were not for the only man I have loved, I would do likewise. I am so tired of the torments of life."

"And we haven't yet counted those to come."

"I confess, Bathilda, that I am trembling like you at the thought of what awaits us."

"However, Milady, since Mersburg is taking care of everything we should have nothing to fear."

"One is often mistaken in this world. True friends are rare especially when one is of the ruling class."

Finally, after an uneventful journey, the princess entered Fredericksburg, but not without an uneasy feeling of foreboding.

Following everything that had been suggested to her, she went into the inn disguised and sent word to the count that she awaited him. He came at once.

"Your arrival causes me the greatest joy," he said to her as soon as he saw her. "All is prepared as I told you. The Marquis of Thuringia is here. Your husband has taken again the reins of government since he has been back. Yesterday I told him of the possibility of being mistaken about your death. His surprise was mingled with a sentiment which I could not make out."

"You fear nothing from this unknown sentiment?"

"No … It is love, I believe … But he was making every