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what you say and I will overwhelm you with favors. If you are mistaken, the scaffold waits for you."

"Although these confidences should not be received by threats, I submit to them anyway and I will furnish you with the proof that you need. The two lovers are supposed to meet each other this evening near the fatal bird house where they saw each other before the imprisonment of the princess. Be there, prince, and if I am mistaken may your sword be plunged into my breast."

One can easily imagine that the scoundrel had arranged everything for the success of a plan which he had worked out to accomplish all his wishes.

Mersburg convinced Adelaide and Thuringia that it was essential to change the place where they saw each other since Thuringia had been seen too often in her apartments. He suggested that they have their rendezvous at the bird house, and as this seemed like a good idea to both of them and to be safer than Adelaide's apartments they made arrangements to be there the next day at sunset.

Thuringia arrived on time at the rendezvous and found Adelaide waiting for him. Scarcely had he arrived when he threw himself on his knees at her feet and begged her to promise that she would never give herself to anybody else except him if she lost her husband.

The imprudent Adelaide pronounced this guilty oath and sealed it with the most ardent kiss. Suddenly there was a commotion and Frederick appeared, his face dark with anger.

"Traitor," he cried seizing Thuringia, "come then and with your own hands end the days of the one whose death you await with such impatience. Come and assassinate me and break the bonds which trouble your happiness. I should sacrifice you on the very breast of the one whom you have seduced so criminally. I should by the blood drawn from your two hearts cement your two souls in an impure mixture. But I will not give you that pleasure. Guided by honor, it is only on the field of battle that I can avenge myself. Come there, and you will either have death or the one you love. I want my heart, if I die, to be presented to her every day that she lives. You will obey me, Thuringia, remember my last orders."