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cap showed from time to time, one being seen by Professor Pickering on July 9 in longitude 284°, and another by him on July 23 in about longitude 160°.

Meanwhile the cap had been steadily decreasing in size, its progressive diminutions being shown on the map in the successive contour lines. The polar sea faithfully followed it in its shrinkage, even the bays keeping their longitudes unchanged. But, whereas early in June the bay at longitude 270° had been blue, it now appeared brown; of that mud-color land does from which the water has recently been drained off.

After various vicissitudes, too numerous to mention in detail, on August 6 a separate patch of snow showed very conspicuous, to the left of the main body. The smaller detachment lay in longitude 290°, and in latitude 75-78°. Now, on turning to the record of the star-points that had appeared two months before, it will be seen that this was their position. Here, then, was proof of the identity of the star-points seen in June with the islands recorded by Mitchell and Green. The detached patch was in fact the range of slopes left in isolated insularity after all about it had melted away. From this we have an interesting bit of corroborative testimony that it stood on higher ground.

On August 11 the detached patch was yet