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page 20 from Flammarion's "La Planète Mars." It is thus our oldest Martian acquaintance. Hellas is the surprisingly round, bright area nearly on the meridian, and nearly half way from the equator to the south pole. It is very strangely quartered by two canals, the Alpheus, dividing it almost due north and south; and the Peneus, cutting it almost due east and west. Between it and the Syrtis Major is the Mare Hadriaticum, a blue-green area intersected by bright causeways and seamed by dark canals.

In the lower right-hand portion of the disk is an important region, bounded on the east by the Syrtis Major, on the north by the Nilosyrtis and the Protonilus, on the vest by the Hiddekel, and on the south by the long dark area to the north of Deucalionis Regio. Its southe astern cape is the Hammonis Cornu; its southwestern one, which appears in Plate XIV., is the Edom promontory. It is a region prolific in double canals. The two most important of these are the Phison and the Euphrates. Both start from the centre of the coast of the long dark area between the Deucalionis Reglo and the continent, and run, the Phison northeast to the western end of the Nilosyrtis, in longitude 300°, latitude 33° north; the Euphrates, nearly due north to the Lacus Ismenius, longitude 337° latitude 37° north, where it connects with the Hiddekel. Parallel to the coast-line and