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about 15° to the north of it is, on the east, the Typhon, shown double; on the west the Orontes, still single. Two other doubles shown in the picture I saw also in this region, though I am not yet certain that they are distinct from the Phison and the Euphrates, as the four were not seen together. I have introduced them in the place where I saw them, because, first, no optical effect explains any such shift; and, second, they run through and to well-seen spots, which renders it more likely that they are distinct canals.

Between the Euphrates and the Sabacus Sinus are several canals and spots that show the minute manner in which the Martian surf ace is cut up. But so much only hints at the state of things existent there. From the markings, not well enough seen to admit of mapping, it is apparent that the system of lines and spots is very complete all over the planet.

This brings us back again to the Sabaeus Sinus and the Fastigium Aryn, from which we set out, after a journey which it takes the rotation of the planet twenty-four hours thirty-seven minutes and about twenty-three seconds to accomplish.


While it existed in any size, the polar sea was bordered on the north, all the way round