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IMAMD LITERATURE Of ETexy Deacriptio*, comprising Worts ard MM on ftfeaoloW ROVthOtfU Mesmerism Physiology Hydropathy Physiognomy Kaesaee Cremation Astrology Palmistry Botanic Heiicine Freemasonry Magnetism Psychology Psychcmstry Electricity Mina Reading Dietetics Vegetarianism Anti-Vaccination Tkeosopfcy Socialism Laud Nationalisation. Occultism Graphology Astronomy Etc. j Etc. Social Science Altso a Large and Well Selected Stock of AMERICAN, ENGLISH, CONTINENTAL & ORIENTAL THEOLOGICAL,. SCIENTIFIC AND GENERAL ADVANCED LITERATURE. NEW BOOKS AND PAMPHLETS BY EVERT MAIL. WORKS ON SOCIALISM IN GREAT VARIETY. BOCCACCIO, BALZAC AND RABELAIS' WORKS. C HI- BAMFOBD Advanced Literature Depot,


(Eight Boons below Russell Street). Businege Hours, 10 sun. to 5.SO p.m, Send for MEW GS.TRLOBUB, 3d. Post Fiec. -li Mr. C. IT. JBA.MFORI)y CURATIVE MESMERIST & MAGNETIC HEALER, GUESS EBTECTEB WITHOUT LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Mm of OnmUaHm, 10 to 4. AAm „ „ above .