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��extreme aflectatioii and vanity in the United States: bnt the sensible man, who examines things Avith impartiality and profound reflexion^ cannot but foresee the ruin of these States, in the blind im- petuosity of their ambition, and the excess of their pride. The very Constitution, in which they glo- ry, involves the elements of their discord and dis- solution. A federative Republick, where the in- terests of the States are at variance with each other, and where the passions and vices carry every thing before them, would be a singular phenomenon in the history of human establishments, if it should endure long. The States of the South are de- pendant for nothing upon those of the North: their interests, and even the feelings and customs of the inhabitants, are different. Those of tlie East are, as it were, insulated from both; and it is New Or- leans only, and the regions of the Mississippi, that offer a brilliant and flattering prospect to their trade and speculations. These States and all those that at present exist, or that may hereafter be formed^ in the vast regions of the Mississippi and the Mis- souri and along their waters, Avill of necessity break the chain Avhich unites them to the federa- tion; for their relations and their interests will not

��new villages in our country that bear high sounding names. It is not the name that makes the city important or ridicu- lous. T.

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