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three years coiiiteiuled that that province belonged to the King, it would iiave been a contradiction to say in the treaty tl^^tlie United States cefled it to his Majesty, the same thing being obtained by the terms in Avhich it is expressed, the limits that ad- judge ijtMj^ji^ Majesty being iixcd, and the United States ;i^lp^$yy renouncing all lights which they had or.:cao^'|f9^ve to it. This charge, with which they ha^c^^l^ght to obscure the adv antages or dis- advantages of the treaty, is a new triumph to the nation, which is the only object 1 have always had rt |in view. Jf As the treaty liad been executed by me in con-

?r|formity with the instructions which had been given jjjf to me by the prime minister of State, and as it 'moreover contained various stipulations of notorious . , advantage to the nation, it was not to be expected, > that after its;; 6ohclusion, a discussion would have J been entered into to examine whether these instruc- tions had been well or ill planned. Don J uan Es- teban Lozano de Torres, and tlie ministers who support his Opinion, could not be ignorant of these facts; but as some pretext was necessary to carry on their plans, they pretended that England, dis-

pleased at the cession of the Floridas, would take

from lis thie island of Cuba, if the treaty were rati-

. .-. fied, and that, upon the vvhole, it was better to let

|->/ ;the xlmericans take them by force than to cede them, Vsince by this means the grant of lands to the Duke

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