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��Hence it comes, that tlie American name is ab- horred among the Indians who border upon the United States; and that any nation will find them always ready to make war upon these people, whom they look upon as the most perfidious upon earth, and as having systematically conspired to ex- terminate or destroy them. Among the European nations of which they possess a knowledge, they prefer the Spanish and the French; and notwith- standing they have ceased to receive the usual pre- sents and necessary protection from the Spanish government of late years, they still preserve great respect and affection for the Spaniards. Those who live within the Territory of the Floridas ma- nifest also great esteem and regard for the English.

��Agriculture^ Manufactories, and Industry of the United States,

The Americans have but little notion of Agri- culture, and display neither care nor discernment in their attention to it. In the States of the North, they copy the English in the division of their grounds into fields, and in the common order and method of their labours. And although they do this from the mere force of habit, and without profiting by the advancement of reason and experience, yet they have greatly the advantage over the farmers

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