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Macmillan, Alexander, M.A. Brase- nose Coll., Oxon, joint magistrate and deputy collector Allahabad, a student of the Inner Temple 4 May, 1S66 (then aged 21), called to the bar 6 June, 1883 (2nd son of John Mac- millan, Esq., of Castramont, Kirkcudbright, J,P.); born , 1845. Castramont, Kirkcudbright ; Allahabad. McMillan, John, a member of the South-eastern circuit, a student of Lincoln's [nn 6 May, 1S70 (then aged 40), called to the bar 27 Jan., 1873 (only son of Donald McMillan, Ute of Grenada, West Indies, proprietor, dec.) ; born , 1830. , Adelaide Road, N.W. ; 5, Paper Buildings, Temple, E.G.

Macmillan, Malcolm Reginald, clerk in the exchequer and audit department, matric. London Univ. 1S74, a student of the Middle Temple 22 Jan., 1S78, called to the bar 17 Nov. 1882 (eldest son of late Ronald Macmillan of Java, merchant) ; born , Somerset House, W.C. McMillan, Robert Furse, LL.B., Trin. Coll., Camb., iSSo, a member of the Western circuit, a student of the Inner Temple 3 July, 1S78 (then aged 20), student- ship Trin., 18S0, called to the bar 11 May, t88i eldest son of John McMillan, of London, bar.- at-law) ; born , 1S5S. , Adelaide Road, N.W.; 6, Pump Court, Temple, E.C.

McMorran, Alexander, M.A. Edin- burgh Univ., a member of the South-eastern circuit, author of Mart'kd Wo^ncns Property Act, a student of the Middle Temple 19 Nov., 1872, equity prize 1875, called to the bar 17 Nov., 1875 (eldest son of Thomas McMorran, of New- town Stewart, co. Wigtown) ; born ,

married 25 Jan., 1883, Edith Kate, j'oungest

dau. of G. E. Macmorran, of London, solicitor. Lordship Lane, Dulwich, S.E. ; Goldsmith Buildings, Temple, E.G.

Macnaghten, Edward, O.C, M.P. CO. Antrim since 1S80, M.A. (late fellow), Trin. Coll., Camb., 1855, secretary Chancery Funds Commission since 1862, a member of the Bar Committee since Dec, 1S83, declined a jtidge- ship in 18S3, a student of Lincoln's Inn 13 Jan., 1853 (then aged 22), called to the bar 26 Jan., 1857, Q.C. April, 1880, bencher 3 April, 1883 (2nd son of Sir Edmund Workman Macnaghten, of Dundarave, co. Antrim, Bart.) ; born ,

married 18 Dec, 1S58, Frances Arabella,

only child of late Rt. Hon. Sir Samuel Martin, baron of the exchequer, and has issue (see Foster's Barojt. . Queen's Gate, S W. ; 3, New Square, Lincoln's

Inn, W.C. ; Carlton and United University Clubs. Macnaghten, Steuart, B.A., Trin. Coll., Dublin, 1835, J.P. Hants, editor of 5?/ed Cases in Chancery 1724-33, with Notes, joint editor of Reports of Cases in High Court of Chancery 1849-51, a student of King's Inns Dublin, Mich., 1834, went to the Middle Temple I June, 1835, where he was called to the bar 19 April, 1839 (6th son of Sir Francis Macnaghten, of Bushmill House, co. Antrim, Bart.); born 20 June, 1815; married thrice and has issue (see Foster's Baronetage). Bittern Manor House, Southampton ; Carlton Club.

Macnamara, Walter Henry, regis- trar to railway commissioners since March, 1882, was reporter for Law Journal in court for Crown cases reserved, late prosecuting counsel for the Mint on Oxford circuit, joint author of four vols, of Railway Commissioners^ Decisions, editor of 6th edition of Paley on Summary Convictions, 4th edition of Steer's Parish Law, 9th edition of Stone's Practice for Justices of the Peace, and 3rd edition of Woolrych's Metro- politan Building Acts, a student of the Inner Temple 14 April, 187 1 (then aged 23), called to the bar 26 Jan., 1874 (eldest son of Henry Tyrwhitt Jones Macnamara, Esq., of London, bar.-at-law and railway commissioner) ; born 7 Aug., 1851; married 29 July, 1882, Florence, only dau. of Francis Mauduit, Esq., C.E. , Hyde Park Mansions, W. ; Railway Commission, House of Lords, S.W. ; Junior Athenasiim Club.

McNaughton, David Norman, educated at Glasgow Univ., a student of the Mid- dle Temple 2 Nov., 1S80, 2nd class scholarship real and personal property Jan., 1881, called to the bar 6 June, 1883 (3foungest son of James McNaughton, of Smithfield, co. Ayr) ; born 26 Jan., 1857. , Middle Temple Lane, E.G.

McNeill, Alexander, matric. Trin. Coll., Dublin, a student of the Middle Temple 12 Nov., 1864, called to the bar 6 June, 186S (youngest son of Malcolm McNeill, of the Conan, Larne, co. Antrim) ; born , ; mar- ried 26 Aug., 1872, Hester La"w Ho"ward, widow of John McNeill, lieut. Bombay fusiliers. The Conan, Larne, Ireland.

McNish, Alexander Copland, B.A. Brasenose Coll., Oxon, a student of Lincoln's Inn 10 June, 1875 (then aged 20), called to the bar 25 June, 1879 (2nd son of John McNish, late of Manchester, gent., dec.) ; born , - McNiven, Henry, M.A., Trin. Coll., Camb., 1 85 1, a member of the South-eastern circuit, a student of the Inner Temple l6 Nov., 184S (then aged 23), called to the bar 30 April, 1852 (2nd son of Charles McNiven, Esq., of Perrjfsfield, Surrey) ; born , 1S25. Perrysfield, Godstone ; 4, New Court, Carey Street, or 3, Dr. Johnson's Buildings, Temple, E.G. MacOubrey, John, B.A. Trin. Coll., DubUn, a member of the Northern circuit, a student of Lincoln's Inn 7 Wz-y, 1835 (then aged 24), went to the Middle Temple 23 Jan., 1839, where he was called to the bar 20 Nov., 1840 (youngest son of John MacOubrey, Esq., of Downpatrick, co. Down, dec. ) ; born , iSlI; married 16 Sept., 1847, Clara, 2nd dau of Thomas Carlisle, Esq., of London. 107, Moscow Drive Liverpool.