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Maule, George Norman, M.A. St. John's Coll., Oxon, from Eton, a member of the Western circuit, J. P. Devon, a student of Lincoln's Inn 18 May, 1849 (then aged 21), called to the bar 26 Jan., 1853 (only son of John Maule, late of Bath, solicitor, dec.); born , 1828.

1, Hillsbro Terrace, Ilfracombe; United University Club.

Maule, Sir John Blossett, Q.C., knighted 7 Dec, 1882, director of public prosecutions 1880, member of the Council of Legal Education, member of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting, recorder of Leeds 1861-80, revising barrister, M.A., Christ Church, Oxon, 1846, from Westminster School, superintendent editor of Burn's Justice of the Peace, 30th edition, a student of the Inner Temple 13 Jan., 1844 (then aged 26), called to the bar 29 Jan., 1847, Q-C. 26 June, 1866, bencher 16 Nov., 1855, treasurer 1882-3 (2nd son of George Maule, Esq., of London); born , 1818.

47, Ennisniore Gardens, S..W; 5, Crown Office Row, Temple, E.G.; 20, Great George Street, Westminster, S.W.

Maurice, Charles Edmund, B.A. Christ Church, Oxon, a student of the Inner Temple 3 Jan., 1866 (then aged 22), called to the bar 17 Nov., 1871 (youngest son of late Rev. Frederick Denison Maurice, D.D.); born , 1843.

Rosslyn Hill, Hampstead.

Maxwell, Frederick David, M.A Christ Church, Oxon, B.A. 1876, a student of Lincoln's Inn 31 Oct., 1874 (then aged 23) called to the bar 25 June, 1879 (eldest son of James William Maxwell, late of St. Petersburgh, merchant); born , 1851; married 8 July, 1844, Effie Constance, 3rd dau. of James Pattison Currie, Esq., of Sandown House, Esher, Surrey (see Foster's Baronetage).

9, Old Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C.

Maxwell, Frederick Mackenzie, matric. London Univ. 1882, a student of Lincoln's Inn 25 April, 1 881 (then aged 21), first senior studentship Hilary, 1882, called to the bar 26 Jan., 1884 (2nd son of Rev. Joseph Maxwell, late of Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas, rector of St. Matthew, dec.); born , 1860.

Maxwell, Joseph Renner, B.C.L., M.A., Merton Coll., Oxon, 1879, practises before the supreme court of Gold Coast Colony and Lagos, a student of Lincoln's Inn 23 Jan., 1878 (then aged 21), called to the bar 17 Nov., 1880 (eldest son of Rev. Thomas Maxwell, of Cape Coast Castle, Gold Coast, colonial and garrison chaplain); born , 1857.

Cape Coast Castle, Gold Coast Colony.

Maxwell, Sir Peter Benson, chief justice Straits settlements 1867-71, recorder Prince of Wales' Island 1856-66, of Singapore 1866-71, knighted 30 Jan., 1856, author of The Interpretation of Statutes, a student of the Inner Temple 14 Nov., 1838, went to the Middle Temple 16 Nov., 1840, where he was called to the bar 19 Nov., 1841 (4th son of Rev. Peter Benson Maxwell, of Birdstown, co. Donegal); born Jan., 1817; married July, 1842, Frances Dorothea, dau. of late Francis Synge, Esq., of Glanmore, co. Wicklow, and has issue (see Foster's Baronetage).

Cairo; Athenæum Club.

Heron-Maxwell, Robert Charles, a student of the Middle Temple 13 Jan., 1875, called to the bar 25 June, 1884 (2nd son of Sir John Heron - Maxwell, Bart., of Springkell, Dumfries); born 7 Aug., 1848 (see Foster's Baronetage).

64, Warwick Square, S.W.

Maxwell, Walter, a member of the Northern circuit, a student of the Middle Temple II Jan., 1881, called to the bar 17 Nov., 1883 (youngest son of Laurence Maxwell, late of Haslingden aforesaid, dec.); born , .

78, Cross Street, Manchester.

May, Bowen, jun., M.A., S.C.L. Worcester Coll., Oxon, a member of the South-eastern circuit, a student of the Inner Temple 2 Jan., 1868 (then aged 21), called to the bar 26 Jan., 1872 (2nd son of James Bowen May, Esq., of London); born , 1847.

18, Blomefield Terrace, Harrow Road, W.; Goldsmith Buildings, Temple, E.G.

May, Thomas Baker, author of Questions Founded on Lord St. Leonards' Treatise on the Laws of Vendors and Purchasers, a student of the Inner Temple 3 Nov., 1826, called to the bar 18 Nov., 1831 (3rd son of John May, of Clifford's Inn, London, gent.); born , ; married 10 Aug., 1844, Nancy Eliza Ann, eldest dau. of late John Banks, Esq., of Hailing, Kent, and grandson of Sir Edward Banks.

89, Chancery Lane, W.C.

May, Rt. Hon. Sir Thomas Erskine, K.C.B., D.C.L., clerk of the House of Commons since 1871, knighted 6 July, 1866, D.C.L. (hon.) Oxon 1874, assistant librarian House of Commons in 1831, taxing master in parliament 1847-56, clerk assistant 1856-71, president of the Statute Law Committee, formerly examiner of standing orders to both houses of parliament and a member of the Law Digest Commission, author of The Law, Privileges Proceedings, and Usage of Parliament, Constitutional History of England 1760-1870, Democracy in Europe, a History, and other works, a student of the Middle Temple 20 Jan 1834 called to the bar 4 May, 1838, bencher 21 May, 1S73, born 8 Feb., 1815; married 27 Aug., 1839, Louisa Johanna, only dau. of George Laughton, Esq., of Fareham, Hants.

Speakers Court, Westminster Palace, S.W.; Athenæum Club