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Lord Chancellor of England, in succession to Lord Hatherlej, in Oct., 1872, on which occasion he was raised to the peerage by the title of Baron Selbome, of Sel borne, in the county of Hants. He went out of office on the defeat of the Liberal party in Feb., 1874. He was reappointed Lord Chancellor of England on the return of the Libert to office under Mr. Glad- stone in May, 1880. In Dec., iaS2, he was created Viscount Wolmer, of Blackmoor, Hampshire, and Earl of Selbome, in the same county. At one period his name was much associated with the project for establishing what has been termed a " Legal University ;" and it may be remembered that on this sub- ject Sir R. Palmer twice moved, though he ultimately failed to carry, a resolution in the House of Commons. He edited the ** Book of Praise, from the Ijest English Hymn- Writers,* 'published in 1802, and in the following year received the honorary degree of D.C.L. from the University of Oxford. He was elected Lord Rector of the University of St. Andrews in Nov., 1S77. In 1878 his lordship pub- lished ** Notes on some Passages in the Liturgical History of the Re- formed English Church."

SELWYN, The Rioht Rbv. John Richardson, Bishop of Melanesia, son of the late Dr. George Augustus Selwyn, Bishop of Lichfield, born in 1845, was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. 186C, M.A. 1870). He was curate of «t. Alrewas, Staffordshire, 1869-70 ; of St. George, Wolverhampton, 1870- 71 ; and vicar of the last-named parish, 1871-72. He entered on the Melanesian mission in 1872, and in Feb., 1877, became successor to Bishop Patteson, the first Bishop of Melanesia, who was consecrated in 1861, and murdered in 1871.

SENIOR, William, journalist and author (" Redspinner "), was bora in 1838. At an early age he became connected with the press^

and was a popular lecturer at Literary and Mechanics' Institu- tions in the south of England. In 1873 he published ** Notable Shii>- wrecks," which haa passed through several editions. This was followed in 1875 by " Waterside Sketches ; " in 1877 by " By Stream and Sea ; " in 1878 by " Anderton's Angling," a novelette ; in 1880 by " Travel and Trout in the Antipodes ;" and in 1883 by " Angling in Great Britain," being one of the handbooks issued in connexion with the Great Inter- national Fisheries Exhibition. Mr. Senior is a regular contributor to periodica] literature. In 1875 he accepted a Government appoint- ment as editor of the Queeilsland " Hansard," and proceeded to that colony to start an official daily report of the Parliamentary debates. This publication, the first of the kind ever issued in the Colonies, having been most successfully established, he returned, after five years' residence in Queensland, to England, and rejoined the special correspondent stoff of the Daily News.

SERRANO Y DOMINGUEZ, Feancisco, Duke de la Torre, Mar- shal of Spain, born at San Fer- nando, near Cadiz, in 1810, ac- quired his military experience in the War of Independence. Devoted to the interests of Queen Christine, he assisted in bringing about the fall of Espartero in 1843. After the restoration of the Qne^i- mother, Serrano coalesced with Narvaez in the attempts of the latter to overthroj? Olozaga. Shortly after the marriage of Queen Isabella, in 1840, he ac- quired an influence over the royal mind which occasioned differences between the King-oonaort and hei^ self, and caused some scandal. The Ministry of the Duke de Soto- mayor, which attempted to destroy his influence, was overthrown by him, while that of M. de Salamanca, which he supported, yielded in ita turn to the storm of public indlg-