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Geographical Society ; is a member of many learned associations; and was, in 1871, President of the An- thropological Society of New York. A recurrence of the mental disorder has of late incax)acitated him for all labour.

STAINER, John, Mus. Doc, was bom in 1840, and was a chorister at St. Paul's between 1847 and 1856. At the age of sixteen he became organist to St. Michael's College, Tenbury, then recently founded by Sir P. G. Ouseley, Professor of Music in the University of Oxford; and, three years afterwards, he was, at the early age of nineteen, made organist of Magdalen College, Ox- fowl. He seized the opportimity of graduating in arts as well as in music, proceeding to Mus. Bac. in 1859, B.A. 1863, Mus. Doc. 1865, M.A. 1866. In 1860 Dr. Stainer had been appointed organist of the University Church by the then Vice-Chancellor, the Rev. Dr. Jeune, late Bishop of Peterborough, and he held this appointment, together with the organistship of Magdalen, until 1872, when he was appointed to succeed Sir John Goss, as organist of St. Paul's London. Dr. Stainer, who is a brilliant instnmientalist, has composed a large number of anthems and Church services, as weU as songs of a secular character, while by his "Treatise on Harmony " (5th edit. 1881), his educational primers on Harmony, Composition, and the Organ, and by his work on "The Music of the Bible," he achieved a high reputation as a scientific musician. A cantata by Dr. Stainer, "The Daughter of Jairus," was composed for and pro- duced at the Worcester Festival, 1878. From time to time Dr. Stainer has acted as musical ex- aminer to the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and London.

ST ALE Y, The Rioht Rev. Thomas Nettleship, D.D., born at Sheffield, Yorkshire, in 1823, was educated at the Collegiate School, Sheffield, and at Queen's College,

Cambridge, where he graduated as a Wrangler in 1844, and was elected Fellow in 1846. He was, from 1844 till 1850, one of the tutors at St. Mark's Training CoUege, Chelsea, after which he was elected Head Master of the Proprietary Gammar- school at Wandsworth. In 1861 the King of the Sandwich Islands having signified his wish that his dominions might be constituted into a see of the Church of England, and offered to contribute to the endowment, Mr. Staley was conse- crated first Missionary Bishop of Honolulu. He resigned the see in 1870. He was appointed vicar of Croxall, Staffordshire, in 1872.

STANLEY, The Rioht Hon. Pbederick Abthur, M.P., younger son of the fourteenth and brother of the present Earl of Derby, by Emma, second daughter of the first Lord Skelmersdale, was born in London in 1841, and received his education at Eton. He entered the Grenadier Guards in 1858, was appointed Lieutenant and Captain in 1862, and retired in 1865. Ho represented Preston in the House of Commons, in the Conservative interest, from July, 1865, till Dec, 1868, when he waa elected for North Lancashire. He was a Lord of the Admiralty from Aug. to Dec, 1868, and Financial Secretary for War from Feb., 1874, till Aug., 1877, when he became Financi£j Secre- tary to the Treasury. On April 2, 1878, Colonel Stanley was appointed Secretary of State for War, in suc- cession to Mr. Hardy, now Lord Cranbrook, and was sworn of the Privy Council. In the autumn re- cess of that year he and Mr. W. H. Smith, the First Lord of the Ad- miralty, with a numerous suite, visited the island of Cyprus. He went out of office with his party in April, 1880. He married, in 1864, Lady Constance, eldest daughter of the fourth Earl of Clarendon. Colonel Stanley is heir presumptive to the Earldom of Derby.

STANLEY, Henry M., born near 8 T 2