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Bella," 1876; "The Old Pump-room, Bath," "The Judgment of Paris," and " Christmas Eve," 1877; " Sweet Margery," 1878; " Lilies, Oleanders, and the Pink," and "Orphans," 1879; "Follow My Leader," " Late for Church," and "Daphne," 1880; "The Ivory Door," and "The Coral Necklace," 1881; "Coracles on the Dee," "Pensive Daughter," and "Out for a Walk," 1882; "The Connoisseur," and "Sunflower," 1883; besides numerous portraits. Nearly all the above-named pictures were exhibited at the Royal Academy. Mr. Storey was elected an A.R.A. in April, 1876.

STORY, The Rev. Robert Herbert, born at Roseneath Manse, Scotland, Jan. 28, 1835, being son of the Rev. Robert Story, minister of that parish. He was educated at Edinburgh, Heidelberg, and St. Andrews; was appointed assistant minister of St. Andrew's Church, Montreal, in Feb., 1859; ordained there Sept. 20, 1859; presented by the Duke of Argyll in the same year to the parish of Roseneath on the death of his father, and inducted to the charge in Feb., 1860; and received the degree of D.D., honoris causû, from the University of Edinburgh, April 22, 1874. Besides contributions to current literature of a minor character, he has published " Life of the Rev. Robert Story, including passages of Scottish Ecclesiastical History during the Second Quarter of the Present Century," 1862; " Christ the Consoler, being a Manual of Scripture, Hymns, and Prayers," 1864; " Memoir and Remains of Robert Lee, D.D.," 2 vols., 1870; " William Carstares: a Character and Career of the Revolutionary Epoch, 1649—1715," 1874; " Creed and Conduct: Sermons preached in Roseneath Church," 1878; " Health Haunts of the Riviera," 1880. As one of the founders of the Scottish "Church Service Society," and convener of its "editorial committee," he has had charge of its publication of " Euchologion: a Book of Common Order," now in the 4th edition; and has assisted in the promotion of the Liturgical restoration in the Church of Scotland. Dr. Story is a member of the "Moderate" or Broad Church party.

STORY, William Wetmore, born at Salem, Massachusetts, Feb. 19, 1819. A.B. (Harvard), 1838. He studied law under his father. Judge Joseph Story, and published several legal works, but subsequently devoted himself to sculpture and literature. Since 1848, he has passed most of his time in Italy, but is now in the United States, engaged upon a statue of Chief-Justice Marshall. Among his sculptures are numerous ideal figures and groups, many admirable busts, a statue of Edward Everett, and another of George Peabody for the Corporation of London. Among his prose publications are "Life and Letters of Joseph Story," 1851; " Roba di Roma, 1862; " The American Question," 1862; "Proportions of the Human Figure," 1866; "Graffiti d'ltalia," 1869; and "Castle St. Angelo," 1877. In poetry he has published "Nature and Art," the Phi Beta Kappa poem at Harvard, 1844; a volume of "Poems," 1847; "The Roman Lawyer in Jerusalem," 1870; and "Tragedy of Nero," 1875.

STOTS BASHI, Tycoon or Siogoun of Japan, was born in 1835, and usually resides in the palace at Jeddo. He received Sir Harry Parkes, the British Minister Extraordinary to Japan, May 1, 1867, at the palace at Osaca.

STOUGHTON, The Rev. John, D.D., born at Norwich, Nov. 18, 1807, was educated at Highbury College, Islington, now incorporated with New College, St. John's Wood, and University College, London. He was appointed pastor of the Congregational Church, Windsor, in 1832, and thence removed to Kensington in 1843, where he re-