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bronze of the Prince at Balmoral, also one the natural size of life, in marble at Balmoral Castle ; a marble statue of the Duchess of Kent, Ufe size, at Frogmore; a monument in marble, to the memory of the Duchess of Gloucester, in St. George's Chapel, Windsor ; a colos- sal bronze statue of Sir Isaac New- ton, erected at Grantham, 12 feet in height ; a life-size sitting statue of Sir Humphrey Cheetham in the Cathedral in Manchester; twelve bronze reliefs, subjects from Eng- lish history, in the House of Lords j Burke, in marble, heroic size ; Hallam, the historian, in St. Paul's ; Mackintosh, the historian's monu- ment in Westminster Abbey ; and a marble mural monumental bust and allegorical figures to the me- mory of Sir Herbert Edwards, in Westminster Abbey; a marble statue, heroic size, of Sir William Peel, of the Naval Brigade, in Greenwich Hospital; another colos- sal statue in marble, of Sir William Peel, at Calcutta; and a third in Sandy Church, Bedfordshire ; a statue of the late Lord Derby in St. George's Hall, Liverpool, and one in the Junior Carlton Club, Pall Mall ; and a colossal marble statue of the late Sir Robert Peel, erected at Huddersfield. Mr. Theed re- cently erected the very colossal marble group of "Africa," being one of the principal comers of the Albert Memorial, and has executed a statue of the late Henry Booth for Liverpool, one of Mr. Villiers for the New Town Hall, Manchester ; and a marble group of Hagar and Ishmael being driven out into the Wilderness by Abraham.

THOMAS, Arthur Goring, was bom at Eatton, near Eastbourne, Sussex, Nov. 21, 1851, and educated at Haileybury College. He received his musical education under M. feniile Durand, Professor in the Conservatoire at Paris, with whom he studied privately for more than two years, commencing in May, 187 1. He then joined the Eoyal Aca-

demy of Music, and studied there for three years, first with Dr. Sul- livan, and then with Mr. Prout He twice gained the annual medal for composition at the Academy in 1879 and 1880. His chief composi- tions published and performed in public are, a cantata, "The Sun- worshippers,*' composed for the Norwich Festival, 1881 j three dramatic concert scenas ; Psalm for solo, .chorus, and orchestra ; " Es- meiulda," a four act opera, com- posed for the Carl Eosa Oper^ Company, and produced in 1883; and various songs. His principal unpublished works are " The Light of the Harem," an opera in three acts ; another concert scena, mor- ceaux for violin and piano; and ballet music.

THOMAS, Chables Louis Am- BBOI6E, a French musical composer, bom at Metz, Aug. 5, 1811, son of a distinguished professor of music, he was already far advanced in his artistic studies, and had acquired some skill as a player on the piano and violin, when he entered the Conservatoire in 1828. There he studied the piano under Zimmer- man, harmony and accompaniment under Dourlen, and composition under Lesueur. He carried off the first prize for the piano in 1829, the first prize for harmony in 1830, and the grand prize of Eome, at the com- petition of 1832. After his return from Italy, he produced in succes- sion, at the Opera Comique, the following works : — " La Double Echelle, 1837; "La Perruquier de la E^genoe," 1838; "Le Panier Pleuri;" and at the Opera: "La Gipsy," ballet, composed conjointly with Benoist, 1839; "Carline," 18^ ; " Le Comte de Carmagnola," 1841 ; "Le Guerillero," 1842 ; *' An- g^lique et M^dor," 1843 ; '* Le Cald," his first great success, ,1849; "Le Songe d'une Nuit d'Ete," 1830; "Raymond," 1851; "La Tonelli," 1853; "La Cour de C^lim^ne," 1855; "Psyche," 1856; "Le Car- naval de Venise," 1857 j " Le Boman