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Centre of the Earth," 1872;] "Twenty ThoiiBand Leagnes under the Seaa," 1873; "Meridiana: the Adventures of three Englishmen and three Russians in South Africa," 1873; "From the Earth to the Moon direct in Ninety-Seven Hours Twenty Minutes ; and a Trip Bound it/' 1873; "The Fur Country: or Seventy Degrees North Latitude," 1874 ; " Around the World in Eighty Days," 1874; "A Floating City, and the Blockade Runners," "The English at the North Pole." " Dr. Ox*s Experiment," 1874; "Adven- tures of Captain Hatteras," " The Mysterious Island," "The Sur- vivors of the Chancellor," 1875 ; " Michael Strogoff, the Courier of the Czar," 1876 ; "The ChUd of the Cavern," " Hector Servadac, or the Career of a Comet," 1877 ; " Dick Sands, the Boy Captain," 1878. Verne's latest publication is " Le Rayon Vert." 1882.

VEZIN, HxBMANN, actor, born in Philadelphia. U.S., of German pa- rents, his father being a distin- guished merchant of that city. He was intended for the legal profes- sion, and took the degrees of B.A. and M.A. at the University of Pennsylvania. Having a passion for the stage, he came to England, and obtained, through the loudness of Mr. Charles Kean, an engagement in the Theatre Royal, York. He made his London d^ut at the Prin- cess's Theatre under Mr. Charles Kean's management ; and two years later he "starred" through the provinces. Having visited America professionally in 1857, he returned to England a year later, and after a few provincial engagements, ap- peared at the Surrey Theatre, Iion- don (1859), in Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Shylock, King John, and Louis XI. During Mr. Phelps's management of Sadler's Wells (I860), Mr. Vezin appeared in Orlando, Marc Antony, Romeo, and Cassio. In 1863 he married Mrs. Charles Young, and Mr. Vezin and his wife " starred " through the

provinces. In 1864 they produced Westland Marston's comedy of " Donna Diana," at the Princess's Theatre, London. Two years later Mr. Vezin made a great success in " Dr. Davey." In 1860 he appeared as James Harebell, in Mr. W. G. Wills's drama of "The Man o' Airlie;" in 1868 as Sir Grey de Malpas in " The Rightful Heir ; " in 1869 as Murdock in "Life for Life ; " and in 1870 he alternated Otii^o and lago with Mr. Phelps. Later he produced Mr. W. G. Wills's romantic drama "Hinko," at the Queen's Theatre. In 1873 Mr. Vezin played with Phelps, Toole, and Ma- thews, at the Gaiety Theatre, and in Feb., 1875, he won great applause by his impersonation of the melan- choly Jacques in "As You Like It," at the Opera Comique. His next Shak- n)erian essay was in Benedict, at ttie Gaiety Theatre. At Drury Lane (Feb. 4, 1876) he played Mac- beth for the benefit of the Philadel- phia Centennial, and won a genuine success. On the production at the Crystal Palace (June 13, 1876) of Sophocles* " (Edipus Oolonoe," the title part was assigned to Mr. Vezin, who gained distinction by the per- formances. On Sept. 11, 1876, he made his first appearance at the Haymarket, in Mr. W. S. Gilbert's drama of "Dan'l Druce." After acting Dan'l Druce 106 times, he created the character of De Talde in an English adaptation of " The Danicheffs," produced at the St. James's Theatre, Jan. 6, 1877. In April he appeared at the same theatre in Sir Giles Overreach. After playing Dan*l Druce in the provinces Mr. Vezin returned to London, and created the i^art of Schelm in " Russia," an adaptation of " Les Exil^es," produced at the Queen's Theatre, Oct. 27, 1877. Subsequently he represented the Duke of Alva in " Fatherland," a version of Sardou's " Patxie ; " and on March 2. 1878, there was a revival of " Othello," in which Mr. Vezin's lago was in all re9|>ecti