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son of the late Duke Frederic Wil- liam, who died in 1823, and brother of the ex- Duke Charles Frederic Augustus WiUiam. He assumed the reins of government April 25, 1831, at the request of the Ger- manic Diet, upon the compulsory flight of his elder brother, the late duke of Brunswick, whose name afterwards became well known in London circles. The present duke, according te the "Almanach de Gotha/' is a field-marshal in the kingdom of Hanover, and a general of cavalry in the Prussian service.

WILLIAMS, Chablbs, was born at Coleraine, Ireland, May 4, 1838, of a family originally of Worcester- shire and Penrhyn. He was edu- cated at Belfast Academy under Dr. Bryce, and at Greenwich under Dr. Goodwin, and was appointed leader writer and reviewer in the EventTig Herald in 1859. He became special correspondent of the Stan- dard in Oct., 1869, and was senior special correspondent of that jour- nal till Jan. Ist, 1870, when he ac- cepted the editorship of the Evening Standard, but he resigned in 1872 to resume his old post. He retired from the Standard in 1874, in con- sequence of a change of manage- ment. Mr. Williams saw some service while young in South and Central America, and he accom- panied the head quarters of the army of the Loire at the beginning of the second phase of the Franco- German war, and was one of the first two correspondente in Stras- burg after the fall of that city in 1870. The Saturday Review paid him the compliment of saying he had " discovered** the army of the Loire. He is a journalist rather than a litterateur, but has contri- buted many papers to Temple Bar, the Oentleman's Magauine, and tales to several annuals. In 1877 he went to Armenia as correspondent on the staff of Ghazi Moukhtar Pacha, and published an account of ' his experiences in a work entitled 1 " The Armenian Campaign : a Diary ,

of the Campaign of 1877 in Armenia and Kurdistan," Lond., 1878. He served afterwards in the ranks of special oorrespondente at the de- fence, by Moukhtar Pacha, of the lines of Constantinople, and was with the head quarters of General Skobeleff at the moment when the Treaty of Son Stefano was signed. He subsequently went through the task of recording the phases of the Berlin Congress, and in Nov., 1878, proceeded to Afghanistan, where he visited Candahar, and wrote some "Notes on Frontier Transport in India." Among his other works are a short treatise ouj" England's Defences," and some reprints on ecclesiastical questions. He re- cently became the managing editor of the Evening News, a half- penny Conservative journal, and was elected as the first chairman of the committee of the London " Press Club."

WILLIAMS, The Bight Ebv. Jaues William, D.D., Bishop of Quebec, son of the late Mr. Wil- liams, of Overton, born in Hamp- shire, in 1825, was educated at Crewkeme school and at Pembroke College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A., taking classical honours in 1851, and proceeded M.A. and D.D. Having been ordained, he held curacies in, Bucks and Somerset, and went to Canada in 1857, to organize a school in connection with Bishop's College, Lennoxville, in which he held the post of Clas- sical Professor. In 1863 he was consecrated fourth bishop of this see.

WILLIAMS, MoNiEB, M.A., D.C.L., LL.D., Sanscrit scholar and Indologist, son of the late Col. Monier Williams, Surveyor-Gen. of the Bombay Presidency, born at Bombay in 1819, was educated at private schools and at King's Col- lege, London, and entered at Bal- liol College, Oxford, in 1838. He soon after obtained an Indian writership, and proceeded as a stu- dent to the E. I. College, Hailey-