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He marritHl in 1855 the third daughter of Professor T. Hewitt Key, F.R.S., of University College.

WILLIS, The Eight Key. Alfred, D.l>,, of St. John's Col- lege, Oxford, and formerly Vicar of St. Mark's Church, New Brompton, Chatham, was appointed Missionary Bishop of Honolulu in Dec. 1871, in succession to Dr. Staley. He was consecrated in Feb. 1872.

WILLS. William Gorman, horn in 1828, in co. Kilkenny, Ireland, kept all his terms at Trinity Col- lege, Dublin, but did not graduate. He studied at an early age at the Royal Irish Academy as an art stu- dent, and had some success, chiefly as a portrait painter, in Dublin and London. Mr. Wills has written several dramas : ** The Man o' Airlie," produced at the Princess's Theatre in 18GC ; ** Hinko," pro- duced at the Queen's Theatre, Sept. 0, 1871 ; " Charles the First," an historical drama, which was pro- duced at the Lyceum, Sept. 28, 1872, ran for 2()0 nights independently of revivals, and established the reputation of Mr. Henry Irving as a tragedian ; " Eugene Aram, ' brought out with great success at the same theatre, April 19, 1873 ; and " Mary Queen o' Scots : or, the Catholic Queen and the Protestant Reformer," an historical play in five acts, brought out at the Princess's Feb. 23, 1871. In the printed copies the last-mentioned play is entitled ** Marie Stuart." His his- I torical drama of *' Buckingham " ' was brought out at the Olympic . Nov. 29. 1875. About this period j Mr. Wills resumed the practice of i his other art, portrait-painting, j having had a continual flow of , sitters, and among them the Prin- ■ cess Louise and the infant Princess Victoria. Among Mr. WQls's more recent conti-ibutions to dramatic literature is, ** Jane Shore," an his- torical drama, produced in Oct. 1876, at the Princess's Theatre, } where it ran for five consecutive I months. It was then played in the ,

provinces till Dec. 1877, when it was again reproduced at the Prin- cess's with even greater sueceea than on its first production. ** Eng- land in the Days of Charl^ 11." was produced at Drury Lane in Sept. 1877. It was followed by " Olivia," a play in four ocu, founded on a leading incident in the "Vicar of Wakefield," and brought out at the Court Theatre March 30, 1878; "Nell Gwynne," a play in four acts, performed at the Royalty Theatre, 1S78 ; and •* Vanderdecken" (Lyceum, June 8, 1878), a poetical drsuua written by Mr. Wills, in conjunction with Mr. Percy Fitzgerald, and based on the legend of the Flying Ihitehman. His play " William and Susan/' founded on Douglas Jerrold's nau- tical drama " Bhick-eyed Snsin," was played at the St. Jamee'is Theatre Oct. 9, 1880 ; and *' Sedge- moor," a play in four acts, by Mr, W. G. Wills and Mr. PreemaB C. Wills, was produced at Sad- ler's Wells, in Aug. 1881. Mr. Wills has also written several novels, tlie best known being "The Wife's Evi- dence " and " Notice to Quit," both of which have been republished in America.

WILSON, Sm Charlss Bjvsss, K.C.M.Q., C.B., was born in London, Feb. 19, 1831, and educated at Eton and BalUol College, Oxford. He was appointed Clerk in the Treasury in Feb. 1856; was Private Secretary consecutively to Mr. James Wilson and Mr. George AJexander Hamil- ton, Secretaries of the Treasury; Acting Private Secretary to Mr. Disraeli, when Chancellor of the Exchequer, from Aug. 1807 t*"* Feb. 18C8; Private Secretary to Mr. Lowe, Chancellor of the Ex- chequer, from Dec. 1868, to AjMiJ, 1873 ; and was appointed Comp- troller-General of the National Delt Office in April, 1873. Mr. WHson represented (with the late Professor Graham) Her Majesty's Government at the International Coinage Coss- mission in 1867> and acted as