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and was presented with the free- dom of the City of London and a splendid sword of the value of 100 guineaa, Oct. 22, 1874. He was appointed to command the auxi- liary forces in April, 1874. At the commencement of the following year he was dispatched to Natal to administer the government of that colony and to advise upon several important points connected with the management of native affairs and the best form of defensive or- ganization. On Oct. 2, 1875, he landed at Portsmouth, accompanied by his staff, on his return from the Cape of Good Hope. He remained in command of the auxiliary forces till Nov., 1876, when he was nomi- nated a member of the Council of India. On July 12, 1878, he was appointed the Administrator of the Island of Cyprus, xmder the style of Her Majesty's High Com- missioner and Commander - in - Chief in the same island. In June, 1879, he was sent to South Africa, as Governor and High Com- missioner of Natal and the Trans- vaal, to reorganize the affairs of Zulu land, and on that occasion con- ducted the operations against Se- coeoeni, whose stronghold he de- stroyed. Returning in May, 1880, he was appointed Quartermaster- General at the headquarters of the army, and in April, 1882, succeeded Sir Charles EUice as Adjutant-Ge- neral of the army. He was Com- mander-in-Chief of the Expedition- ary Force sent to Egypt in 1882; received the thanks of Parliament ; and was gazetted (Nov. 20) Baron Wolseley of Cairo, and of Wolseley, in the county of Stafford. For his services in Egypt, he received from the Khedive, Tewfik Pasha, the gnmd cordon of the Osmanieh. He was also promoted to the rank of General in 1882. On the 12th of May, 1883, he was appointed to the Hon. Colonelcy of the 23rd Mid- dlesex V.B. (now the 2nd V.B. Royal Fusiliers), in succession to Sir Charles Russell, V.C, deceased.

In June, 1883, the University of Dublin conferred upon Kim the honorary degree of LL.D. Sir Gkifnet is the author of ** Narrative of the War with China in 1860, to which is added the Account of a Short Residence with the Tai-Ping Rebels at Nankin, and a Voyage from thence to Hankon," 1862; "The Soldier's Pocket Book for Field Service," 1869, 2nd edit., 1871 ; new edit., 1882 ; " The Sys- tem of Field ManoBuvres best adapted for enabling our Troops to meet a Continental Army," printed in *• Es- says Written for the Wellingt-on Prize," 1872; " Marley Castle," a novel, 2 vols., 1877 ; " France as a Military Power in 1870 and 1878" in the Nineteenth Ceniury, Jan., 1878.

WOOD, Mrs. Hbnbt, novelist, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Thos. Price, head of one of the leading glove-manufacturing iirms in Worcester, born in Worcester- shire about 1820, inherited a literary taste from her father, and at an early age was married to Mr. Heniy Wood, a gentleman connected with the shipping trade. She oonunenced her litemry career as a contributor to The New Monthly Mctgntine and Bentley's MisceUany, asid " Danebury House,** her first complete work (which gained the prize of JEIOO offered by the Scottish Temperance League for the best illustration of the good effects of temperance^, was pubUshed in 1860. It was followed by " East Lynne,** which achieved a remarkable success, in 1861 ; "* The Channings," "Mrs. Hallibiiiton's Troubles,*' and " A Foggy Night at Offord*' (a small book issued for the benefit of the Lancashire opera- tives), 1862; " William Allair ; or. Running away to Sea," a book for boys ; " The Shadow of Ashlydvat," and "Vemer's Pride,'* 1863 ; " Lord Oakbum's Daughters," "Oswald Cray," and "Trevlyn Hold; or. Squire Trevlyn's Heir," 1864; "MHdred Arkell," 1865; "Bister's FoUy," and "St. Martin's Eve," in