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Crown 8vo, doth, 35. 6d. each.

I The Arabian Nights, Unabridged,

8 plates, a Don Quixote, Unabridged.

3 Gil Bias, Adventures of, Un-


4 Cnriosities of Literature, by Isaac

D' Israeli, Complete Edition.

5 A Thousand and One Gems of

British Poetry.

6 The Blackfriars Shakspere, edited

t^ Charles Knight

7 Cniden's Concordance, by Carey.

8 Boswell's Life of £>r. Johnson.

9 The Worics of Oliver Goldsmith. XI The Faroilv Doctor, 500 woodcuts. la Sterne's Worics, Complete.

13 Ten Thousand Wonderful Things.

14 Extraordinary Popular Delusions,

by Dr. Mackay.

16 Baitlett's Familiar Quotations.

17 The Spectator, by Addison, &c.

Unabridged. x8 Routledge's Modern Sp^er—

Comic — Serious— Dramatic 19 One Thousand and One Gems of

Prose, edited by C. Mackay. ao Pope's Homer's Diad and Odyssey.

23 Josephus, translated by Whiston.

24 Book of Proverbs, Phrases, Quota-

tions, and Mottoes.

25 The Book of Modern Anecdotes —

Theatrical, Legal, and American.

26 Book of Table Talk, W. C. RusselL

27 Junius, Wood£aU's edition.

28 Charles Lamb's Works.

29 Froissart's Chronicles. [mation.

30 D'Aubigne's Story of the Refor-

31 A History of England, by the Rev.

James white.

3a Macaulay — Selected Essa3rs, Mis- cellaneous Writings.

33 Carleton's Traits, ist series.

34 and series.

35 Essays by Sydney Smith.

36 Dante. Longfellow's translation. 51 Prescott's Biographical and Critiod

52 Napier's History of the Peninsular War, i8o7-ia 53 iSxo-ia.

54 White's Natural History of Sel-

borne, with many illustrations.

55 Dean Milman's History of thejews.

56 Percy's Reliques of Ancient Poetry.

57 Chaucer's Poetical Works. ^ Longfellow's Prose Works.

59 Spenser's Poetical Works.

60 Asmodeus, by Le Sage.

61 Book of British Ballads. S. C. HaU. 6a Plutarch's Lives (Langhome's ed.

64 Book of Epigrams, W. D. Adams.

65 Longfellow's Poems (COmp. ed.)

66 Lempriere's Classical Dictionary.

67 Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations.

68 Father Front's Works, edited by

C Kent.

69 Carleton's Traits and Stories.

Complete in one volume.

70 Walker s Rhyniing Dictionary.

71 Marfariane's Hist, of British utdla. 7a Defoe's Joiunal of the Plague and

the Great Fire of London, with illustrations on steel by Geoiige Cruikshank.

73 Glimpses of the Past, by C Knight.

74 Michaud's History of the Crusades,

voL I. 75 voL a. 76 voL 3.

77 A Thousand and One Gems of

Song, edited by C. Mackay.

78 Motiey's Rise of the Dutch Re-

public. [Complete:

79 Prescott's Ferdinand and Isabella,

80 Conquest of Mexico. Compw

8£ Conquest of Peru. Comp.

82 Charles the Fifth.

83 Philip the Second. Vols.

I and a in I vol 84 ^VoL 3 and Essays in I vol

85 Jeremy Taylor's Life of Christ

86 Traditions of Lancashire, by John

Roby, vol I. 87 vol a.

88 "The Breakfast Table Series"—

The Autocrat— The Professor — The Poet— by Oliver Wendell Holmes, with steel portrait.

89 Romaine's Life, Walk, and Tri-

umph of Faith.

90 Napier's History of the Peninsular

War, i8i2-x4. [tion.

91 Hawker's Poor Man's Daily Por-

92 Chevreul on Colour, with 8 co-

loured plates.

93 Shakspere, edited by C. Knight,

large type edition, with fall-page illustrations, vol. i.

94 vol 2. 95 vol 3.

96 TheSpectator,Iargetypeed.,voLi.

97 vol a. 98 vol 3.

99 R.W. Emerson's Complete Works. 100 Boswell's Life of Johnson and

Tour to the Hebrides, vol x. loi — vol 2. 102 V(rf. 3.

103 S. Knowles' Dramatic Works.

104 Roscoe's ( W.) Lorenzo de Medid.

105 (W.) Life of Leo X., vol i.

106 vol a.

107 Berington's Literary History of

the Middle Ages.