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SHAKESPEARE. The Edition de Luxe, with the 824 Illustra- tions by Sir John Gilbert, R.A. Printed from the Original Woodblocks on real China paper, and mounted ,in the text ; and a new Portrait drawn by Sir John Gilbert expressly for this edition. Edited by Howard Staunton. Complete in 15 volumes, royal 8vo.

ROUTLEDGE'S illustrated SHAKESPEARE. Edited by Howard Staunton, with 824 Illustrations by Sir John Gilbert, R.A, and a Steel Portrait. 3 vols., super-royal, cloth, £9 2*.

THE WORKS OF SHAKESPEARE. Edited by Howard Staunton, with Notes, Glossary, and Life. Library Edition, in Large Type. 6 vols. J demy 8vo, Roxburghe binding; £i xts. 6d. ; or with 45 Steel Plates, doth gilt, £2 M.

SHAKESPEARE'S WORKS. Edited by Thomas Campbell,

with Life, Portrait, and Vignette and x6 page Illustrations by Sir John Gilbbrt, R.A. Ro>al 8vo, cloth, lof. 6<^ : gilt edges, xax.

SHAKSPERE. Edited by Charles Knight. With 340 Illustra- tions by Sir John Gilbert, R.A 2 vols., super-royal 8vo, cloth, £1 ts. ; ditto, ditto, a vols., cloth, gilt edges, £i 5*. ; ditto, ditto, 2 vols, in x, cloth, giii edges, i5f.


Staunton. With 5x1 Illu<itrations and Portrait by Sir J. Gilbert. R.A., 680 pp., medium 4to, boards, 6s. ; ditto, cloth, gilt tops, ys. td. ; ditto, in xo Divisions, each 6d.

THE BLACKFRIARS SHAKSPERE. Edited by Charles Knight. Post 8vo, cloth {Standard Ltbrary\ 3#. ^d,

CHARLES KNIGHTS SHAKSPERE. Complete, with the Poems, 768 Pages, Red Lines, with lUnstratioos, doth, •xtra gilt (3X. &/. Po€U\ jr. &£ : ditto, cl(kh, cut {Excelsior StHfi), 2X.

SHAKESPEARE. Edited by J. Payne Collier, F.S.A. Royal

ivo, doth, axx.

NOTES AND EMENDATIONS TO SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS. By J. Payne Coluer. Royal 8vo, cloth, 14^.

LAMB'S TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE. Illustrated by Sir John Gilbert, R.A 4to. cloth gilt, jt, 6d. ; ditto, with Illustrations by Sir John Gilbert, R.A, 3^. 6d. ; ditto, crown 8vo, doth {Exceisiar Stries), as.

DODD'S BEAUTIES OF SHAKESPEARE. With Illustrations by Sir John Gilbert, R.A, 5*- *. ditto, crown 8vo, doth, gilt (jf. 6d. Pasts), ys. td, ; ditto, crown 8vo, cloth cut {Excelsior Series), as.

THE MIND OF SHAKESPEARE, as exhibited in his Works. By the Rev. A. A. Morgan. Crown 8vo {3s, 6d. Poets), 31. 6d, ; ditto, cxown 8vo, doth cut {Excelsior Series), as.

SHAKESPEARE GEMS : A Series of Landscape Views, with 45 Steel Engravings after Drawings by G. F. Sargent. Demy 8vo, 10s. 6d.

SHAKSPERE GEMS : A Selection designed for Youth. Crown 8vo gilt edges (3s. 6d. Poets)yy. 6d. ; ditt«, cut edges {Excelsior Series), as.

QUOTATIONS FROM SHAKESPEARE. By Edmund Rout- ledge. Fcap., cloth, is.

SHAKESPEARE SONNETS. 24mo, cloth, red edges, is.