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gained by an arduous competitive examination. At the age of 27 he left Paris, and settled in London as a consulting physician, choosing midwifery and gynecology, or the diseases of women, as a special branch. He published, in 1845–64, an important work on female diseases, which procured for him at an early age a large and important practice in that department of medicine. In 1869 he became consumptive from hard work, the result of over-success. He was obliged to give up his medical appointment, to resign practice, and to fly for his life to the Genoese Riviera. But freedom from professional anxieties, a mild climate, and rational treatment, effected a cure in the course of a few years, but he has continued to spend his winter ever since at Mentone on the Riviera, only undertaking consulting practice in the summer in London, and residing at his country residence, The Ferns, Weybridge, Surrey, during his sojourn in England. In 1878 he retired entirely from practice in England in summer, but still resides at his country home, The Ferns, and continues to practise in the winter at Mentone. Dr. Bennet has always shown indomitable energy, ever rallying and ever returning to the battle of life, however severely stricken by illness, and by social disasters. He is the author of "A Practical Treatise on Inflammation of the Uterus and its Appendages, and on its Connexion with other Uterine Diseases," 4th edit. 1861; "A Review of the Present State of Uterine Pathology," 1856; "Nutrition in Health and Disease," 3rd edit. 1877; "Nutrition," cheap edition, 1879; second thousand — translated into French by M. Barrué, 1882; "Winter and Spring on the Shores of the Mediterranean; or, the Rivieras, Italy, Spain, Sardinia, Malta, Corfu, Corsica, Sicily, Algeria, and Tunis, as Winter Climates," 5th edit. 1876; "On the Treatment of Pulmonary Consumption by Hygiene, Climate, and Medicine," 3rd edit. 1878; "Recherches sur le Traitement de la Phthisie Pulmonaire," Paris, 1875; "La Corse et la Sardaigne, Étude de Voyage," Paris, 1876; and "La Mediterranée et la Rivière de Gênes," Paris, 1880.

BENNETT, Sir James Risdon, M.D., F.R.S., Ex-President of the Royal College of Physicians, eldest son of the Rev. James Bennett, D.D. by Sarah, daughter of Mr. John Comley, of Romsey, Hampshire, was born at Romsey, in 1809. He was educated by private tuition, and received his professional education in Paris and Edinburgh, at which latter university he took his degree of M.D. in 1833. After travelling for two years on the Continent, he settled in London, and lectured at the Charing Cross Hospital and Grainger's School in the Borough. He was elected, in 1843, Assistant-Physician to St. Thomas's Hospital, and on becoming full Physician, lectured there for many years on the "Practice of Medicine." He was one of the Founders and Secretary of the first Sydenham Society for the Publication of Medical Works. After filling the offices of Censor, Lumleian and Croonian Lecturer, and Representative of the College of Physicians in the General Medical Council, he was elected President of the College in 1876, and annually re-elected up to 1880. In the same year he had been elected Fellow of the Royal Society. Sir Risdon Bennett is Consulting Physician to the Victoria Park Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, Hon. Physician and Governor of St. Thomas's Hospital, and Fellow of various medical and scientific societies. He has published a translation from the German of Kramer on "Diseases of the Ear;" "An Essay on Acute Hydrocephalus," which gained the Fothergillian Gold Medal; Lumleian lectures on Cancerous and