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kte Prince Herman of Wied. In 1862 ibe Qneen of Bonnmnia pub- lished at Berlin, under lier usual peeodoojm, Cannen Sylva, a novel «tiUed " Bin Gebet."

CHAfiLES VII., Kino of Spaik, (Ste Carlos, Don.)

CHABLESWOBTH, Miss Maria LouuA, the daughter of the late Ber. John Charlfisworth, 6.D., formerly rector <rf St. Mildred's, firead-street, London, was born in 1819. She is the author of numerous vorka of fiction, intended to illus- trate the application of religion to eTerydar life. The best known of h^ publications are "Ministering Childr«i," " The Female Visitor to the Poor," 1846 ; "A Book for the Cottage," 1848; "A Letter to a Child," " Letters to a Friend under Affliction," 1W9; "The Light of Life, dedicated to the Toung," 1850; "Sunday Afternoon in the Ifursery," 1853; "The Sabbath Given : the Sabbath Lost," 1856 ; " England's Yeoman," 1861 ; " The Sailor's Choice," 1863 ; "Minister- ing ChUdren, a Sequel," 1867; "Where Dwellest Thou; or, tiie Inner Home," 1871; "Eden and Heaven," 1872; "Oliver of the MiU," 7th ed-, 1876; and "The Brokai Looking-Glass."

CHABLOTTE, sx-Ekp&xss of Msxico (Mabiji Chablotti Am^


Tira L^i>oij>inb), daughter of Le(^>old I., King of the Belgians, bom June 7, 1840, was married July 27, 1857, to the ill-fated Mazi- miUan, afterwards Empenu* of Mexico. In the midst of his embamasments, Mairiniilian sent his empress to Paris in 1866 to seek mote effectual aid from the Emperor Napoleon. She failed entirely in her mission, and proceeded to Italy, where her reason gave way in con- sequence of the 'doubles she had nXteadj undergone, and of those which she foresaw her husband wocdd ezperienee. Her Majesty was removed to ^e pala^oe A Laeken* near Brussels^ audit is said

that during lucid intervals she has ainoe employed her time in writing Memoirs of the History of the Mexican Empire. Her recovery is considered hopeless.

CHAENOCK, EicHABD Stephen, Ph.D., F.S.A., born in London, on Aug. 11, 1820, is the son of Bichard Chamock, Esq., of the Inner Temple, barrister-at^law. He was educated at King's College, London, and admitted an attomev in 1841. He has travelled througn the whole of Europe, and has also visited the North of Africa and Asia Minor ; and has devoted much time to the study of anthropology, archsology, and philology, espe- cially the Celtic and Oriental languages. In 1871 Dr. Chamook was elected President of the Anthropoloeical Society of London, and was afterwards President of the London Anthropological Society . He is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries and of the Philologi- cal, Boyal Asiatic, and Boyal Geographical Societies; a member of ike Eoyal Society of Northern Antiquaries ; an honorary member of the Anthropological Society of Paris ; and Doctor of Philosophy of the University of Gdttingen. Among very many contributions to philology, anthropology, and science in general. Dr. Chamock is author of " Ouide to Tyrol," 1857 ; " Local Etymology," 1859; "Guide to Spain and Portugal," 1865 ; " Verba Nominalia," 1866; "Ludus Patro- nymicus," 1868 ; " The Peoples of l^ruisylvania," 1870 ; " Manorial Customs of Essex," 1870; " Patro- nymica Comu-Britannica," 1870 ; "On the Physical, Mental, and Philological Cnaracters of the Wal- Ions," 1871 ; " Le Sette Commune," 1871 ; " Bradshaw's Illustrated Handbook to Spain and Portugal," new edition, 1876; a Glossary of the Essex dialect, 1879; and "Praenomina; or, the Etymology of the principal Christian names of Great Britain and Ireland/' 1882. CHABTBES (Duo de), Bobbbt R 2