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ing it at St. Maiy Magdalene's. In 1845, on the Feast of St. Francis Xavier, he finally left the Church of England, and was received into the Boman Church by the late Mg^. Brindle, at Prior Park Collj^e. For a year after this he red&d with Mr. Ambrose Lisle Phillips, at €hrace Dieu Manor. He went to Borne with Dr. Newman, and was ordained priest on Oct. 31, 1847. Three years after this, feeling strongly drawn to the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, he became a Bedemptorist, and en- tered the novitiate in Belgium. In 1855 he was chosen Bector of St. Mary's, Clapham, and in 1865 was appointed to the office of Ptovin- ci^, which he was successively con- firmed in every three or four years till his elevation to the episcopate. From 1852 to 1872 he was almost constantly employed in preaching missions and giving clergy retreats throughout England, Ireland, and Scotland. In April 1882 Pope Leo XIII. nominated him to the see of Southwark, in succession to the late Dr. Danell. He was consecrated bv Cardinal Howard in the church of St. Alfonso, on the Esquiline, at Bome, June 11, 1882, and enthroned at St. Oeorge's Cathedral, South- wark, on the 27th of the following month. The diocese of Southwark is now restricted to the coimtiee of Surrey, Kent, and Sussex. Dr. Coffin has translated into English Blosius's "Oratory of the Faithful Soul," and several of the works of St. Alfonso de Liguori.

COKE, Thb Hon. Henbt John, third son of the late Earl of Leices- ter (who was better known in his day as Mr. Coke of Holkham), born in 1827, was educated at the Boyal Naval College, Portsmouth, entered the navy in 1841, became lieutenant in 1847; afterwards retired from active service, and acted as private secretary to the Bight Hon. E. Horsman, M.P., while Chief Secre- tary for Ireland, in 1855-7. He is the author of "Vienna in 1848,"

" A Bide over the Bocky Mountains to Oregon and California, with a Glance at some of the Tropical Islands," published in 1852 ; and of a novel entitled "A Will and a Way," in 1858.

COLCHESTEB, Bishop of. (See Blomfuld^)

COLE, ViCAT, B.A., landscape painter, was born at Portsmouth in 1833, and received his earliest instruction in art from his father, Mr. Oeorge Cole, a well-known member of the Society of British Artists. Afterwards he resorted wholly to nature in the open Eng- lish landsc^>e for his materials, and the study of the means by which to transfer them with effect to canvas. Both he and his father were still resident at Portsmouth in 1852, when Vicat Cole sent his first exhibited pictures to London. These were two river scenes sketched in the picturesque locality of the Wye : one was entitled " Scene on the Wye, Tintem ? " the other " From Symon's Yat on the Wye." They were exhibited at the Society of British Artists. Before another year arrived he had paid a visit to the Continent from which resulted a view of " Marienburg Kloster, on the Moselle," exhibited at the Boyal Academy in 1853, with another work " Banmoor Common, Surrey," a county whose beautiful scenery has furnished this artist with subjects for many of his finest works. In 1858 he was elected a member of the Society of British Artists, and during several succeeding years he was a regular exhibitor in Suffolk Street. In 1860 he exhibited there " A Surrey Corn-field — a view near Leith Hill, Dorking," which by its truthful realisation of Nature in her richest autumn garb, its breadth of treatment, and skilful handling, commanded universal admiration. The Society for the Encourage- ment of the Fine Arts bestowed their silver medal upon the artist for this performance. The picture was subsequently exhibited in the