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a Bill through Parliament, &c., and an Addenda of Statutes and Forms/' 1845 ; " A Treatise on the Law relating to Mines/' 1849 ; " A letter on ^forrn of the Superior Courts of Common Law, to the Eight Hon. Lord John Russell/' 1851, 2nd edition, 1852 ; and " The Oration of Demosthenes on the Crown," translated, 1875. He is an amateur painter, and has exhibited many pictures at the Boyal Aca- demy.

COLLIER, The Eight Eev. William Bebnabd Allen, D.D., a Catholic prelate, born in 1802, at Eokeby-Close, Eichmond, York- shire, was educated at Ampleforth, and afterwards at Douay, in France. He was elected Prior of the College at Douay in 1826, aud left in 1833 to be incumbent of Little Crosby, in Lancashire. In 1834 he was ap- pointed representative of the Eng- lish Benedictine Fathers at the Court of Eome, and whilst residing there in that capacity he was nomi- nated in 1840 Yicar Apostolic of Mauritius, and was consecrated Bishop by Cardinal Fransoni, assisted by the Archbishop of Edessa, and Bishop Kyle, of Scot- land, who happened to be in Eome at the time. He arrived in Mauri- tius in 1841, and, revisiting Europe in 1844, had conferred on him by the Holy See the title of Eoman Count, assistant at the Papal Throne, and titular Bishop of Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius. He left Mauritius finally in 1862. The governor of the colony, the late Sir William Stephenson, com- plimented Bishop Collier before his departure on the pro^ss of mora- lity in Mauritius durmff his episco- pacy ; and the Court of Eome gave him the flattering assurance that he had merited and secured its fullest confidence — plenissimam fiduciam.

COLLIN, Jacques Allin Simon Collin Danton, known as Db Planct, author, born at Planoy, Jan. 28, 1793 ; went to Paris in 1812,

and imdertook literary work for various publishers. Under the Eestoration he started on his own account as a printer and publisher. The revolution of July ruined his business, and he took refuge in Belgium, where he resided for several years, publishing works which flattered the Belgian nation- ality. He returned to France in 1837, and endeavoured to found, at Plancy a kind of " Soci^t^ Phalan- st^rienne," afterwards transformed into the " Soci^t^ de Saint Victor." From 1812 to 1836, M. Collin de Plancy was Voltairian and anti- clerical ; but in 1837 he made his peace with the Pope. Whilst advo- cating Communist principles he wrote " The Infernal Dictionary," the "Feudal Dictionary," "Me- moirs of a VUain of the FourteentJi Century," and the " Devil, Painted by Himself." Since his reconcilia- tion to the Eoman Catholic Chui^h, he has written, "Legends of the Holy Virgin," "Legends of the Wandering Jew," " Legends of the Commandments of Ood,°' " Legends of the Seven Mortal Sins/'. "His- torical Dictionary of Atheists, Freethinkers, and Heretics," 1870 ; and " Lives of the Saints," 25 vols., 1873-75; all circulated by the " Society for the Propagation of Good Books." He has published under a variety of aliases, such as Paul B^ranger, Croquelardon, Hor- misdas-Peaui, Baron Nilense, and le Neveu de mon Oncle.

COLLINGWOOD, Cuthbebt, M.A. and B.M., Oxon., F.L.S., &c., was born at Greenwich, Dec. 26, 1826, and educated at King's Col- lege School, Christ Church, Oxford, Edinburgh University, and Guy's Hospital. He also studied in Paris and Vienna. From 1858 to 1866 he resided in Liverpool, occupying during that period the chi^r of Botany in the Medical School^ and that of Biology in the School of Science. He was hon. secretary to the Liverpool Literary and Philo- sophical Society, and vice-president