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>l?^^ \ <3Lition, and was found guilty, and 1 Ixx \ sentenced to two yean? impriflon- ^ o« \ Txierkt. Ihiring that period he wrote ^wsiA ^ Ilia epic poem, " The Purgatory of \ Siiicidee,^' and "Wise Saws and

^^hiadent,ot tKe l^anli:

^imemW oi tiie X.e^isl&ta^e _,

«o{ ^ Colony, wl^cb. was a.ti \ M-odera ' Instances," a series of tli»ttiiMtiieonVj\^\>oa.y 5 \ Btoxdes, both published in 1845. aadagmmlS^a. Two years et^fteir. I liis " Baron's Yule Feast," a short wMda the Ad wbb paaaed. -nrliicli. \ poem, appeared in Jan. 18-16. give the Colony a ConstitixtloTi. \ I>\iring the latter half of 1846 he nwdeM on tke E n agliaK:Paf Ha*- I wrote a series of papers entitled inent In 1^56, at \iie first electloia. I "Condition of the People," in onder ttie new Constitxit^oii., ^Mt. \ DougUu JerroWs Newspaper, toivel- Cooper waa again TCtamea., ax^a. was I ling through the North of England

wvYf^n i*«aa ca^otuA a.^uviA iL&^^.a.> «■•«.■. VA. mr ran

choaeafii^^fpeaALeT oi tke Aaaenildly . In lSo7 lie waa knitgl^ted.. ^H.e reagned "his of&ce as Bpe& owrin^ to iU-^ieaLtb. in 1^60, axid. iixone- diately aherwarda, on the xesi^paa- tion of the ¥oT8ter Gkyvemment, he was invited to form a Ministry, but waa ioi th.e same cavLse com- pelled to decline. Bietoinin^; to England in 1861, lie bnsied liimself in looking after the interests of the oolonml wool growers in this conntry. Sir Dani^ received a iMoonetcy in 1863. He has ever since his retam to England taken an active part in every movement tending to prom.ote the welfare of the Colonies. For the services zeoKlered by him in connection with the Sydney Exhibition he was created a Knight Conmiander of tHe Order of SS. Michael and Oeoi^e in Oct., 1880.

COOPEB, Thomas, born at Lei- cester^ March 28, 1806, was taught the hnmble trade of a shoemaker in lus youth, at Oainsborough, Lin- eolnshire (where he and the late ^X'-howias Miller were companions in 1>o:9'hood). and havimp instructed

to collect material for his observa- tions. In 1847 appeared his " Triumphs of Perseverance " and "Triumphs of Enterprise." In 1848 he became an active political and historical lecturer in London. In 1849 he edited the Plain Speaker, a weekly penny journal of radical politics. In 1850 he conducted Cooper's Journal, a sceptical weekly penny periodical. In 1861 and 1852 he was chiefly employed as a travelling lecturer on history, poetry, and general literature. His "Alderman Ealph," a novel, ap- peared in 1853, and a second novel, " The PamUy Feud," in 1854. To- wards the close of 1855 he began to perceive the errors of scepticism; and, having returned to London, commenced a course of Sunday evening lectures and discussions with the London sceptics, in Sept. 1856, and pontinued them imtil the end of May, 1858. From that time he has been continually travelling through England and Scotland, lecturing and preaching on the Evidences of Christianity. He published his autobiography in 1872; and his " Poetical Works " appeared in 1878.

COOPER, Thoiias Sidnbt, E.A., was born at Canterbury, Sept. 26, 1803. His parents, being in humble circumstances, wished to apprentice him to some trade; but, having a strong desire to become an artist, he was allowed to follow his inclina- tions. He sketched long without instruction, taking for subjects the