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CBOSBY, HowABD, D.D., LL.D., bom in New York, Feb. 27, 1826. He graduated at the University of New York in 1844, was made Pro- fessor of Greek in 1851, and was appointed to the same chair in Bntgers (College, New Jersey, in . 1859. From 1861 to 1862 he was also pastor of the First Presbyterian Chnrch in New Brunswick, N. J. He resigned his professorship in 1863, when he became itastor of his present chnrch (the Fourth Avenue Presbyterian), in New York. From 1870 to 1881, still retaining his pastorate, he was Chancellor of the University of New York. He has been prominent in philanthropic and reformatory measures, espe- ciallv in the temperance cause. He has published "Lands of the Moslem (1850) ; an edition, with notes, of the "(Edipus Tyrannus" (1851) ; "Notes on the New Testa- ment (1861) ; "Social Hints for Young Christians " (1868) ; " Bible Manual" (1869) ; "Life of Jesus"

(1870) J "The Healthy Christian"

(1871) ; " The Christian Preacher" a880>; "TmeHumanity of Christ" (1881) ; besides occasional sermons and addresses.

CEOSLAND, Mbs. Camilla, for- merly known under her maiden name Caiolla Tottlhik, born in Aldermanbury, London, June 9, 1812, is the daughter of a solicitor, who died during her childhood, and grand-daughter of the emi- nent physician. Dr. William Toul- min. A love of reading, and quickness of intellect, suppHed the place of a systematic course of training in the earlier years of her life ; and having been by the death of her father, and afterwurds by that of her brother, thrown entirely opon her own resources, she adopted literature as a profession. Miss Tonlmin began to write for maga- zines, and the then popular Annuals, about the year 1888. Since that time she has contributed largely to periodicals; among which may be e^ecially mentioned Chambers* a and

the People* i Journal, She edited for some years the Ladiet^ CompanUm and Monthly Magatine, and has pub- lished the following works : " Lays and Legends illustrative of English Life ;" " Partners for Life, a C&st- mas Story ;" " Stratagems, a Tale for Young People ;" " Toil and Trial, a Story of London Life," written at the suggestion of the EarlyClosing Association ; " Lydia, a Woman's Book ;" " Stray Leaves from Shadv Places;" "Memorable Women; and " Hildred, the Daughter." In some of these books l^e themes selected by her are the trials of the poor, and the political and social progress of the people, a subject to which Mrs. Croslandwas one of the first to direct public attention. In In 1848 she married Mr. Newton Crosland, a merchant of London^ who has contributed to various periodicalB, and published in'ta separate form an essay on " Appa- ritions." In April, 1854, Mrs. Crosland commenced the investiga- tion of those singular phenomena known as " spiritiml," and in 1857 she published the result of her labours in a book entitled " Light in the Valley : my Experiences of Spiritualism." In May, 1862, she produced a novel entitled "Mrs. Blake," and at Christmas, 1865, a fairy tale, "The Island of the Rain- bow." In 1871 she published "The Diamond Wedding; and other Poems;" in 1873 appeared her second novel, "Hubert Freeth's Prosperity," and in 1881 her "Stories of the City* of London." Mrs. Crosland has written a number of part songs for Messrs. Novello's publications.

CEOSS, John Kynaston, M.P., eldest son of the late Mr. John Cross, of Gartside House, Bolton, by Hannah, only daughter of the late Mr. Bichard Kynaston, of Bolton, was born in 1832. He is a cotton- spinner at Bolton, and has sat in the House of Commons for that borough, in the Badical interest, since the general election of Feb.