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regnLtt* contributors to the Moniteur rnttvrtelyandbehaspablished under the pseudonym of " Baptistet/' or under his real name, a number of norels, tales, and collections of articles contributed originally to newspapers. Among these publica- tions are :— " Le Petit Chose,'* " Tkrtarin de Tarasoon," " Eobert Helmont," " Lettres de mon Moulin," " Lettres k un Absent," •• Contes du Lundi," " Les Femmes d'Artistes," "Jack, histoire d'un OuTrier," 1873 ; " Fremont jenne et £ialer aln^," 1874, his best work, to wlm^ the French Academy awarded the Jouy prize, in June, 1875, and which was successfully dramatised by M. Alphonse Belot in 1876 ; " Les Contes Choisis," 1877; "LeNabab: Mcefurs Pbrisiennes/' 1878, a work in which the private life of the Due de Momy is minutely described; "Les Eois en Exil, 1879; a dramatic rersion of "Jack," brought out at the Od^on, Jan. 11, 1881 ; and " L'ETangeliste." 1882. M. Alphonse Daudet has been long connected with the Journal Qgiciel, being entrusted with the theatrical department of that paper.

DAUDET, Ebnbst, a French au- thor and journalist, born at Nimes, Hay 31, 1837, went to Paris in 1857^ witL his brother Alphonse, and ob- tained employment as a writer for a great number of Parisian and pro* Yincial newspapers. About 1860 he was engaged to revise the reports of the proceedings of the Corps L6gis- latif , and during the latter days of the Empire he was secretary to the President of the Senate. Since 1870 M. Em^it Daudet has been editor for a time of tiie Journal Offi.ciel (1874- 76), and of the Estafette. M. Ernest Daudet haspublished several novels. We may mention "Th^r^se," 1859; "Les Duperies de I'Amour," 1866 ; "La V^nus de Gt)rdes,"in conjimc- tion with M. Adolphe Belot, 1866 ; "Aventures de Baymond Eocheray," " Le Crime de Jean Bialory," " Jean le GKieux, " Bilarthe Varadee," " La Petite SoBur," " Le Prince Pogout-

zine," "Le Boman de Delphine," " Jourdain Coupe-tetes," and " La Succession Chavanet." He is also the author of numerous political and his- torical works, including " Les Jour- nauz religieuz et les Joumalistes catholiques," 1860; "La Trahison d'EmUe Ollivier," 1864; "Diplo- mates et Hommes d'Etats contem- porains : le Cardinal Consalvi, 1800- 1824" (1867); "La V^rit4 sur la Fusion," 1873, an anonymous pam- phlet on the attempt to bring about a fusion between the two branches of the royal house of France ; " Le Minist^re de M. de Martignac, sa vie iK>litique et les demi^res annees de la Bestauration," 1875, and " Henriette, fragments du Jotimal du Marquis de Boisguemy, depute," 1876. In "La Terreur Blanche," published in 1878, he gives an account of the excesses committed by Legitimist partisans, or scoun- drels assuming the guise, in the early days of uie Bes&ration. He published in 1880, under the title of " Souvenirs de la Pr^sidence du Marshal Macmahon," an interest- ing collection of sketches devoted to the leading events of 1874-79. M. Ernest Daudet was decorated with the Legion of Honour, Aug. 16, 1868.

DAVIDS, Thomas William Bhts, was born at Colchester, May 12, 1843, and educated in the Uni- versity of Breslau. Hewasapx>ointed a writer in the Ceylon Civil Service in Feb., 1866, and filled various

Sidicial appointments in that island, e was called to the bar by the Middle Temple in May, 1877. Mr. Davids is the author of " Buddhism : a sketch of the life and teachings of Gautama, the Buddha," 1877, and joint author of " The Jataka : tales of the anterior births of Gotama Buddha, for the first time edited in the original Pdli by V. FausbGll, and translated by T. W. E. D." London and Copenlu^en, 1877.

DAVIDSON, Thb Vbbt Bbv. Band ALL Thomas, Dean of Wind- sor, was born in 1848, and educated