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March 1871 broke out, he was imed to the Communist As- ibly by the Conservatives of his ^ndissement, but he declined to e his seat. Since then he has imed practice at the bar. He >te in La France while M. Emile GKrardin was editor of that jour- (1875-76). M. Desmarest is the rhor of " be Constantine et de la cnination Fran^aise en Afrique/' Liointly with M. H. Rodriguez, 17 ; " Les Principes et les Hommes, luisses retrospectives/' 1840 ; and les Etats Provinciaux ; Essai sur Decentralisation," 1868. [)E VEEE, AuBBBT Thomas, a )t and political writer, third son the late Sir Aubrey de Vere, rt., of Curragh Chase, co. Limer-

, was born in 1814, and educated

Trinity College, Dublin. He 3 published " The Waldenses ; the Fall of Rora : a lyrical tale," 1.2; "The Search after Proser- le. Recollections of Greece, and ler Poems," 1843 ; " Poems, Mis- laneous and Sacred," 1853 ; " May rols," 1857 and 1881; "The iters ; Inisfail ; and other Poems," 51; "The Infant Bridal, and ler Poems," a selection from his etry, 1864 ; " Irish Odes and other ►ems," 1869; "The Legends of . Patrick," 1872 ; "Alexander B Great, a Dramatic Poem," 1874 ; 5t. Thomas of Canterbury, a Dra- itic Poem," 1876 ; " Legends of e Saxon Saints," 1879 ; and " The »ray of Queen Meane, and other ^gends of Ireland's Heroic Age," 82. His prose works are : " Eng- h Misrule and Irish Misdeeds," 48 ; " Picturesque Sketches of •eece and Turkey," 2 vols., 1850 ; Ireland's Church Property and e right use of it," 1867 ; " Pleas c Secularization," 1867; "The lurch Establishment of Ireland," 67 ; " The Church Settlement of eland, or Hibemia Pacanda," 68 ; " Constitutional and Uncon- itutional Political Action," 1881. B edited in 1878 a correspondence religious and philosophical

subjects, under the title of " Pi and Amadeus."

DEVON (Eablop), The I Hon. William Reginald Co NAT, was born April 15, 1807 succeeded his father Marc 1859. The noble earl, who educated at Westminster and ( Church, Oxford, was a Pell< All Souls' College, Oxford, ant Hanorary D.C.L. of that Unive He was called to the bar in and represented South DevoE July, 1841, till Jan., 1849. I last-mentioned year he wi pointed a Poor-Law Ins{ whidi office he held until the part of 1850. From 1850 t< Lord Devon was Secretary < Poor-Law Board. He was Ch lor of the Duchy of Lancas Lord Derby's third administ] from July, 1866, to May, and President of the Poc Board from the latter date t 1868.

DEVONSHIRE (Duki Sir William Cavendish, P.R.S., D.C.L., grandson < late Earl of Burlington, wa April 27, 1808, and educat Trinity College, Cambridge, he graduated M.A. as i wrangler and Smith's prizes 1829, in which year he was re as one of the members f University of Cambridge. R< by this constituency in 183C Cavendish was returned for M and represented North Deri from 1832 till he succeeded title of Earl of Burlington ii 1834. Lord Burlington, wl Chancellor of the Univers London from 1836 to 1856, sue his cousin in the dukedom, J 1858. His grace was apj Lord-Lieutenant of Derby^ 1858, and succeeded the late Albert as Chancellor of the I sity of Cambridge in 1862. his predecessor, Sie duke is i patron of the fine arts a literature, and is the head of the great Whig houses