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ned ever eince. He has been (t-class clerk for some years. 1 Mr. Anthony Trollope first id his magazine J 8t, Paul's, in

Mr. Dobson was one of the ►rs whom ne first introduced 3 public. In 1873 Mr. Dobson collected his scattered lyrics

volume dedicated to Mr. ope, and entitled " Vignettes liyme, and Vers de Soci^t^.'* IS followed by " Proverbs in jlain " in 1877. A selection

the "Vignettes in Rhyme" ►ublished at New York in 1880, edicated to Dr. Oliver Wendell les. Mr. Dobson is also the >r of a " Life of Hogarth," in Biographies of Great Artists,' '

chapter on " Illustrated

3," in the "Library" by ew Lang ("Art at Home 3"), 1881; and "Eighteenth iry Essays," in the " Parch- Library," 1882. He was also f the contributors to Ward's flish Poets," 1880; to which pplied the critical sketches of , Praed, Gay, and Hood. Mr. >n has also contributed to the lill, Blackwood, Century, Oen- n'a, Oood Words, and other zines. He was one of the 10 introduce the French forms

  • se now so popular in England

America — i.e., Kondeau, Bal- Villanelle, and so forth, and atributed a chapter on these I to Mr. Davenport Adams' ker Day Lyrics." Mr. Dobson ting the " Life of Fielding " [acmiUan's " English Men of PS," the series edited by Mr. Morley; and he has written r study of Bewick, the artist ^ood engraver, for the Century line. He is now (1883) en-

upon a selection from Cow- Letters for the "Parchment py."

BSON, William Chables A.8, B. A., was born at Hamburg 7, being of English parentage J male side only. His father, ohn Dobson, was for many

years a merchant in Hamburg but, having suffered severe losses returned to London about 1826 The subject of this memoir had from earliest childhood, evinced i great taste for drawing, which hii friends fortunately encouraged He began his studies from th< antique in the British Museun about 1831, and was admitted i student of the Royal Academy ii 1836. In 1843 he was appointee head master of the Govemmen School of Design at Birmingham where he tau^t pattem-drawinj and flower-painting for two years In 1845 he resigned this office an<: paid a visit to Italy ; and after hii return from that country he ex tended and diversified his course o; study by proceeding to Germany then the seat of an importani movement in art. He was electet an Associate of the Boyal Academy in 1860, and became an Academi- cian in Jan. 1872. In 1870 he wai elected an Associate of the Societ^j of Painters in Water Colours, anc in 1875 a member of the sam< Society. His principal picturei are : — " Tobias, with Kaphael, hii g^ardian-angel, on their journey to Media," 1863 ; "The Charity oi Dorcas," 1854; " The Alms Deedi of Dorcas," 1855, painted by com- mand of the Queen ; " The Parabh of the Children in the Market place " and " The Prosperous Dayi of Job," 1856-; "Beading th< Psalms," 1857, in the possession oi the Baroness Burdett-Coutts ; an^ " The child Jesus going down witl his Parents to Nazareth," 1857, alsc in that lady's possession ; " Fairj Tales," " The Holy Innocents," and " Hagar and Ishmael sent away,' 1858 ; " Also he (David) bade them teach the children of Judah the use of tiie bow" (2 Samuel, chap, i.), and " Der Eosenkranz," 1859 ; " Die Heimkehr," " The Plough," " Beth- lehem," and " Emilie aus Gorwitz,'^ 1860 J "Drinking Foimtain, " Flower-Girl," and " Bauer Mad- chen," 1861 J "Mamma's Birth-